A routine 3-0 victory over the Toffees last Sunday, the highlight of which was the view over our greatest city from the spiral staircase at the Etihad.

On the way down Matt texted me and suggested we meet up, as Emma was doing something satanic called “Christmas Shopping”.

I suggested curry in Rochdale, which used to be satanic but has recently gone crafty.

The Manchester metro rumbles out north-east from Victoria at a funereal pace, and by the time we arrive it’s too dark for a photo. And besides which the best spot for photography is the tram track, which is dangerous. So here’s one Google Maps too earlier;

Look at the pub on the right closely and you’ll see it WAS the Wellington, but now it’s Bombay Brew, a new venture from the wonderful Flying Horse.

Unlike that gem, no Bass, but a characterful room for drinkers before you get to the curry cafe.

Now the thing that will stick in the mind most from Bombay Brew is the friendliness of the welcome “Hello guys, doing the Rochdale ale trail ?” . I almost started it there and then, but it might have required me to drink 10 pints that night to earn a T-shirt with the Tand on it or something.

An excellent tight beer and cider range there, and a crisp Vocation that was definitely the best beer I’ve ever drunk in any curry house in the UK. (Mango Lassi is NOT a beer).

A nice tight menu, too, but Eddie Fogden, the new kid on the GBG ticking block, said the staff curry was great and he as so usual was right.

Like the beer, beautifully presented. It’s not bargain, but it is quality. Matt thought so, and he lives 5 minutes from This & That.

As is the soundtrack, a mix of ’80s deep cuts and 12″ remixes not heard in Rochdale since, ooh, 2007.

Matt had to be back before Emma returned with the presents, so I couldn’t introduce him to the Tand-approved delights of Rochdale’s Sam Smiths keg pubs, but he’s only 20. Time is on his side.

11 thoughts on “A CURRY IN ROCHDALE

  1. Vocation Bombay Brew is Bread & Butter dry hopped in the barrel. Haven’t been in BB for ooohh must be 2 weeks. If you’d told me I could have helped you wipe up the last of those curries and then taken you across the road to The Pint Pot for a pre-emptive tick. Should be in the GBG really but The Dale has many options these days. I order the beer for them, so you’ll just have to trust me that it’s good. :-))

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    1. “Dry hopped” – sounds like sorcery. Lovely beer, needs fast turnover. I worry folk from satellite towns are all heading into central Manchester for their curry, gluhwein and cask.

      Would have gone in the Pint Pot but was rushing back down the line to the Fox & Pine. Rochdale is a perfectly sized pub town.


  2. Chris doesn’t need any help at the F & P. The whole of the local CAMRA branch are on his and Michelle’s side. It will win local branch pub of the year next time, no doubt about it. It is a good pub though.


  3. Yum am hungry just reading this! Do you have to eat, or can you just poppadom in for a pint? Blink 182 have mixed feelings on their experience of the Rochdale trail


  4. Yum am hungry just reading this! Do you have to eat, or can you just poppadom in for a pint? Blink 182 have mixed feelings on their experience of the Rochdale trail


  5. You can just go in for a pint, but it’s difficult at prime time on a Friday or Saturday nights, as it’s so popular for dining it tends to spill over into the lounge area.

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    1. I’ve always liked Black Christmas, the first beer the Whim Brewery of Hartington did and available this time of year in the Wilkes Head, my favourite Leek pub.


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