One more for me in Belper, as I had to get back to Sheffield before nightfall or I turn into a pumpkin and Mrs RM makes in to soup (mixing metaphors here).

Ain’t Belper lovely ?

As I’ve said before, a bit quiet on the streets, but the pubs are busy enough, boosted by high quality entertainment we just missed out on. Mike Jay’s Elvis is legendary in the Amber Valley.

So is the Pedigree and Bass, which might not even have been on in the Queen’s Head up the hill but 4pm opening scuppered that plan as I had a train to catch.

OK, JUST time for the brand new Belper House.

A bit shiny, but LOOK ! A Bass mirror behind those Hartshorne pumps. A sign of class.

Some classy beers too, a silky 3.5 for the Full Nelson. Jeff hadn’t seen Admiral Nelson, but he had seen Napoleon Dynamite, which is good enough, if a bit tenuous.

As ever in Belper, incredibly friendly locals. The young hipster in the corner drinking murk joined our conversation about the town’s lovely cask pubs. You won’t get that in Carluke, I can tell you.

Jeff and I had to run for the 16:36.

Not even the sweet shop on the corner could distract us.

6 thoughts on “BYE BYE BELPER

  1. That’s the one I haven’t been to, if the Derwent behaves itself I can see a Belper day out coming soon.

    Not many towns the size of Belper where you can have a great day out in maybe six pubs, and still go home regretting that you didn’t get to another half dozen.

    Have a butchers at the Butchers next time too, pretty good Faggots…

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