I mentioned yesterday the problem with rail travel, the urge it creates to fill in time between trains with a rushed extra pub visit (See: BRAPA, every Saturday night).

And so it was on the way back from Harrogate to Sheffield that I found myself having to kill 44 minutes in Leeds without an obvious pre-emptive in sight. What’s going on ? It feels like almost a month since Head of Steam last opened a new pub.

Leeds, like its bigger cousins in Manchester and Sheffield, seems to be getting busier by the day, even if the trade is more hospitality than retail. A good thing, surely ?

I delved into the heart of the Leeds retail centre, noting with delight the closure of the United shop, and stopped to admire Briggate’s display of aerial photos of the UK.

This photo shows a classic piece of UK industry, probably a craft brewery, but which one ?

It’s three years since a group of Old Codgers (and two Americans) led by the legendary Mr Coldwell visited Whitelocks, and I’m pleased to say they’ve improved the signage since 1715, which was 301 years before the introduction of VAR.

The problem with Whitelocks is that it’s too photogenic. A dozen photos per post and a few words about mobility scooters, lacings and 1980s pop is all people want to read.

But look at this (I know most of you have already been there);

I love a place that treasures its 1979 (37 years before VAR) GBG sticker.

Boak & Bailey were discussing Whitelocks last month (here) and its status as a timeless institution,

Every UK city ought to be able to support at least one. You know – the pub you recommend to everyone.” 

Whitelocks is exactly the sort of place everyone goes to, and feels comfortable in. Not a museum piece at all, and very pubby.

Something for everyone on the beer list, perhaps even a little less crafty than before ?

Yes, I really did. My fourth Tim Taylor and second Landlord of the afternoon.

All tables taken, but obviously I’d brought the fine weather with me oop north and you don’t get much better outside seating than this, watching life amble by and end up in the loos for the Turks Head, wondering where you are.

Blimey, another easy-drinking 3.5, perhaps a bit more bitter than at the Tap, but enough to convince me all those dull pints of Landlord, like Pride and Harvey’s are the problem of the pub not the brewery.

But you knew that, right ?

12 thoughts on “WHITELOCK’S

    1. Ooh, the Angel ! About 8 years ago, before this blog fortunately/unfortunately, I got vert drunk AND very lost in that strip (and North Bar, which I somehow went to twice by accident). Lucky my hotel (IBIS) was next door.


      1. I remember once in the Angel and tens of people all dressed in 1950s attire walked in. They didn’t seem out of place at all. Or another time in the Palace with a horde of mods and their scooters, Elvis night in Mojo with people dancing on the bar, karaoke in the Three Legs – the list goes on… Many a good night in Leeds!

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    1. I think they must have the regular Landlord on special offer, because in most pubs it’s the most expensive beer on the bar. Here its darker version, the one with caramel, is 60p per pint more. World’s most expensive teaspoonful of caramel.


      1. You’re right, Landlord is typically a good 50-80p more than equivalent ABV beers on the bar in Cambridgeshire. e.g. Prince Albert in Ely, where it was a staggering £4.50 a pint in April 2017 !


    2. T’other Mudgie,
      I well remember three years and nearly six months ago when the “group of Old Codgers (and two Americans) led by the legendary Mr Coldwell visited Whitelocks” and as two pints came to £9 the legendary Richard, with the generosity Yorkshiremen aren’t famous for, offered me the £5 I’d paid for his but I declined it, ‘there’s no pockets in shrouds’ always being my policy.


  1. I used to work fairly close to Whitelocks back in the 70’s & we had lunchtime drinks there occasionally -at a Christmas lunchtime fuddle I spent my time “getting to know ” one of the lads in the office & didn’t make it back to work -no one said anything either ! The relationship never progressed -he turned out to be gay -perhaps it was my fault .Weve not been into Leeds centre for years -i know it has changed hugely

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