Have I done this one before ? Wouldn’t surprise me.

Pauline nearly guessed right, I did look in the window of the Strugglers, named after the ascent from the Wetherspoons to the pubs at the top of the hill.

Sadly staff illness had scuppered what look like a good trading day. Such is a publican’s life in 2021. The pubs and restaurants were heaving, though it was noticeable how few folk were carrying shopping bags through town in mid-November.

So it was the Victoria, for the first time since 2003 when I visited a dozen Lincoln pubs before ignoring the “Rugby” final and watching Kick’n’Rush who I’d previously directed to their gig venue.

Probably the best known of the city’s pubs, though I bet a lot of visitors think the Cathedral is a Brunning & Price.

A masterpiece in simplicity.

It’s hard to explain the Vic’s appeal, more Armoury than Arden Arms in Stockport terms, and with a beer range pretty much unchanged since that 2003 visit.

Someone on Twitter commented on Mrs RM only having a half of Citra, but she’s allowed such extravagances, just as folk can wear whatever shirts they want.

I’d nabbed to last table along the wall, a perfect viewing spot, and noted a never-ending stream of drinkers heading through to the garden. In November.

I’ll be honest, for a change. The XB lacked a bit of bite, more 3+ than 3.5, so I had to have a Landlord as well to test the ale properly. Mrs RM scowled, so I got her a Cookie Dough Kit Kat and all was magically well with the world. Sometimes life is very simple.

Down the hill, an easier journey than the one the other way (science), we momentarily contemplated Thor’s Bar, but the call of a workingmens boozer up the line in Retford was just too strong.

13 thoughts on “TOP 100 PUBS – VICTORIA, LINCOLN

  1. It is an interesting pub and I have had two very different reactions to it. Once it felt kind of cold; another time it felt like a top 100 pub. More on me than on the pub. Great beer though. We did our sparkler challenge with Ram Tam there. One pint with and one without.

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      1. It was interesting to me. From a texture perspective the sparkler won. However from a complexity of flavor we thought no sparkler was better. The sparkler seemed to eliminate some of the hop flavors.

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    1. Dave, I was hoping you would mention that taste test. 2 great pubs. We had a great conversation with a couple in Strugglers.


      1. Takes RM a long time to green up that new guide. Duncan and Simon are done already. You’ld think he got the guide late or something.


  2. Nice to see the bench seating filled with customers’ posteriors rather than throw cushions.

    That photo immediately below the map is just glorious. Hurry up and make a Retired Martin calendar so I can enjoy your photos on my kitchen wall. 😁

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