A successful weekend around the North York Moors, with the highlight two (2) pubs in Cloughton, a village I’d never heard of.

Well, the GBG says “Cloughton“, but the landlord of the Bryherstones was adamant it was Cloughton Newlands, though Wiki has nothing to say on that matter.

Very autumnal, very traditional, very quiet.

I’d spent ages confirming these last few ticks would be open, and they were, but I do worry how many pubs will just start closing lunchtimes for lack of trade.

There was no-one about, I thought. But then a chap emerged from behind the beams, apologising profusely for doing three jobs at once.

Probably putting the hats back on the wall and cleaning the brass.

He was a burst of energy, gave me a potted history of the Bryherstones, talked about the irregularities of trade post Covid and enthused about his Tim Taylors (cool and rich, NBSS 3.5). I wondered how the pub hadn’t graced the GBG before.

And then told me he was fully booked for food all weekend and I should come back for his wife’s steak pie. I just might.

A mile down the road, my second GBG newbie the Hayburn Wyke had snatched the lunchtime trade, mainly due to its proximity to the waterfall and the sea.

The inside was full. “Secluded tranquility” says the newspaper article on the wall.

but luckily the garden had the Proper Seating,

a great place to enjoy another silky Wold Top (3.5).  I tell you, this is the golden age of cask quality, if not volume.

And if you don’t believe me, I’ll give you a gigantic spreadsheet of my NBSS scores, year by year. That’s proof, that is.

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