“Will Sir be dining with us tonight ?”

Back to the ghastly gastros I’m afraid. I’ll keep it short.

10 minutes on from the Oak, via Stoke Mandeville, is the Harrow, a pub you could almost see Prime Ministers visiting from Chequers.

Mrs RM said ” be quick” and a first look revealed I wouldn’t be loitering here.

“Will Sir be dining with us tonight” asked the greeter.

“Er just a beer, please “

Here’s the thing. They were SO nice, I felt almost guilty about just having a half.

Here’s a video of me being polite.

I searched for somewhere pubby to sit, and failed. But most tables were reserved, so they don’t need me anyway.

They don’t really need cask either, I sense, but those handpumps still give a country pub a sense of tradition, just as antlers and Chesterfields do.

Duffy sang “Mercy” to no-one in particular, but it could have been my glass of Chiltern, which was barely a 1.5.

A setback. But will things improve?

6 thoughts on ““Will Sir be dining with us tonight ?”

    1. No problem at all with any pub in the Guide if the beer you get is fine. Bucks and Surrey wouldn’t have much of a GBG allocation if the dining pubs were kicked out !

      You’re right by the way, I had a fantastic pint of Chiltern once, but if you’re selling one pint an hour you’ve no chance !

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    2. I like a welcome, though being referred to in the third person would piss me off I agree. But surely a pub in the GBG should be able to look after the bl**dy beer properly, and if they can’t why are they wasting “sir’s” time (or perhaps more importantly, Christine’s) by making them drive the length of the country to have a beer there?

      Perhaps I’ve misunderstood, as usual.


      1. In “Will Sir be dining with us tonight” I wouldn’t object to “Sir” as much as to “with us”.
        It’s not “with us” as if at a friend’s house but “for us, for us to make money out of your visit”.
        They’re disingenuous twats that don’t deserve our custom..

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    1. There’s only one way I wish to be addressed and that’s “Martin” (and no shortening of it, either”. I call everyone “mate” though as I don’t remember anyone’s name apart from Will.


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