Mrs RM finished her morning’s work in Henley Spoons and started her real day job, as my chauffeur to remote Home Counties pubs.

Our travel map was starting to look weird, and would look even weirder by Saturday.

From Henley we climbed through the Chilterns, negotiated the 23 roundabouts of High Wycombe (I know Milton Keynes, you’re no Milton Keynes) and arrived at the Potters Arms in Winchmore Hill on the edge of Amersham.

As we approach, I immediate recognise Prime Bucks Gastro, all parasols and outside snack bar.

No-one around to sell me those sausage rolls, so that was £4.2 saved, anyway.

If you asked me to name my least favourite pub type, it would be Dull Buckinghamshire Gastro with Rebellion IPA and unused Chesterfields.


My notes say “Giant laptop” (top photo). “Oooh, I could have worked there and you could have brought me cakes from the outside snack bar” said Mrs RM, warming to her task of defending the indefensible.

I made a show of tipping £1.20 (sorry, £1.2) worth of NBSS 2 in the plant pot. It wasn’t even that bad, but I needed the practice.

I also needed to do something that wasn’t trudging round pubs, so we had a look round Old Amersham, which had temporarily be converted into a mile long queue for fuel at the Tesco Services.

The High Street reminds me of Sevenoaks; pleasing but pointless (unless you’re shopping for ladies clothes). Has Amersham ever graced the GBG ? Duncan will know.

Predictions of rain again proved unfounded, so we headed north through Chesham and Tring to the edge of Dunstable, where Ivinghoe Beacon gives unparalleled views of Greater Luton.

After an hour of admiring Greater Luton, it was time for the pub.


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