A recap on the progress of the Great Northern Tickathon as it enters the home straight (as straight as it can be with Mrs RM driving now).

Excitingly, the next pub came at the end of a trip to admire Sellafield (or is it Seascale ?).

Sellafield hasn’t gone down the theme park route yet, so sadly you can’t don a Hazmat suit and press lots of buttons.

I was also disappointed it didn’t look like the pictures, glowing radioactively like Runcorn does.

Photo : enformable.com

but the contrast with bucolic Calder Bridge on the A595 that runs past the site is stunning.

Is it Calder Bridge or Calderbridge, or Sellafield/Seascale ? Who knows, and I guarantee at least ONE GBG ticker will be confused when Sellafield CAMRA change the geographic listing in 2023.

If it’s still in the Guide.

The genial owner, another escapee from the south, told me that despite a gorgeous beer garden, busy summer and heavy hotel bookings he’d had the Stanley Arms on the market for five years. I didn’t offer to buy it either.

The Guide entries go back far longer, and the cool Boltmaker (NBSS 3) was presented with care and pride.

But no food means another late (3pm) opening for the lone local drinker you can set your watch by.

Three pubs in a row where I was the only customer, folks. Who’s to blame ?


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