Day 2 of the Great Northern Campervan Crawl a fortnight ago, and the first of Mrs RM’s stints working in a pub.

Due to some big French IT project (French : “Le IT project”) she’d agreed to work a week of mornings that week, telling Claudes and Jean-Pauls to turn it on and off again in a perfect Tunbridge Wells accent.

At 08:00 I parked up the campervan in Stanhope Green and escorted her the 5 minutes to Darlo’s clubland where WiFi awaited.

Just as the hearse was passing the Spoons.

It could be seen as a portent of doom ahead of the latest Wetherspoons financial results, or the death of cask. Who knows ?

I’d warned Mrs RM that the Tanners Hall was unlikely to be a library, being the more boisterous of the two Timbo Towers in town, though the ’90s style bookshelves suggested otherwise.

Mrs RM found herself a nice alcove to work in, then decided it was too dark and moved to a window seat, leaving me behind to work on my blog for an hour over a full English. That’s the Barton Stacey post, isn’t it ? Feels a lifetime ago.

It feels a lifetime ago that Spoons did those lovely Eggs or Mushroom Benedicts; their breakfast range seems focused on cheap breakfast baps and rock hard hash browns these day.

But their beer is still good enough here for a place in the current Guide.

Some classic reading there, the Italian section of the Football Grounds of Europe is wonderful.

What were the Darlo Old Boys drinking at 09:00 on Monday morning ?

I’d love to tell you it was Black Dragon and Old Peculier, but in reality it was Carling and Cappucino.

I added my vote to the Ale Suggestion Box (top) and went for a wander.

I know I say it every time, but Darlington really is a delight, particularly with its summer pedestrianisation.

It’s the little lanes, or “Yards”, enticing you down to a rejuvenated market place with its bubbling streams,

outdoor greengrocers,

and palm reader. Hitchin John probably knows her personally.

Which other town offers you town centre palm reading, hmm ? I’ll wait.

9 thoughts on “DEATH, DOOM AND DARLO

  1. Hi Martin, sorry I haven’t been commenting so much lately, both my laptop and desktop have suddenly stopped allowing me access to your blog. Happily it still works on my phone.

    Delightful reading as always. Did give me a terrible craving for a full English though. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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