PUSH, PUSH (on towards the GBG goal) IN THE (SHEPHERDS) BUSH

Back in late 1978, with punk at it’s height, the chart was dominated by disco classics like this one;

As a naive 13 year old, I had no idea that this track was about the joys of pub ticking in W12.

1980 saw post-punk, with bands like The Icicle Works and The Electric Banana Band consigning disco the dustbin of history.

I was a BIG Icicle Works fan (we were called “Little Icicles”), and last visited W12 for an emotional run-through the hits in 2006.

This is one of the greatest set lists in history, and I saw Cliff Richard at Cambridge Corn Exchange in 1974 so I should know.

Actually, I HAT reunions; I loved the Fall because they never played the hits, and got bored with Maria McKee until she stopped wheeling them out.

Back in 2006 I ticked the Defector’s Weld and I’m SURE I did the Spoons in the West 12 Shopping Centre before the gig, but I can’t prove it. And that hurts.

So, with the charmingly named Central Bar finally making the Guide (everyone gets a turn eventually in West London), I headed back. Only 10 minutes on the tram, and just across the road, except I went across the wrong road as the GBG app went barmy and tried to send me to Westfield (no match for the East London one).

West 12 is no Westfield.

And the Spoons looks a bit Milton Keynes snow dome, though that one made the Guide too.

More of those bare ladies, how very Old Peculier.

The nice bar person had time to say hello and exchange pleasantries about the weather and her Grenadian home. I must stop talking to bar people, though it’s such a novelty in London.

Yes, a lot less frantic than you’d expect in a London Spoons at 18:30, but someone must have had the Twickenham beer that week as it edged to a 3.

I like Spoons; you rarely get such a mix of folk, and this was definitely a drinkers pub, despite being the nearest to Vue cinema.

What lovely views over to the Common, I thought.

Sadly, my view was of an approaching storm. Could I convert my 4 to a 6 before I had to brave the showers ?

9 thoughts on “PUSH, PUSH (on towards the GBG goal) IN THE (SHEPHERDS) BUSH

  1. So that’s where it is!!
    Always known there was a Spoons in SB somewhere – Google map directions are no better at pinning it down than GBG app seems to have been for you – but never spotted it. Thus always made do with Defector’s Weld and/or BrewDog when pre-loading (as probably only tabloid hacks and not the kiddz say) before the O2.

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    1. Google really struggles when it’s indoors. The instructions seemed to want me to walk all the way round the roundabout on the A3220 ! I knew it was on a higher level but Shepherds Bush is all shops and lifts, isn’t it ?


    2. Ive been to it, but I do remember it was a complete pain to find via the app and bearing in mind we visited pre 2008 so none of the Westfield development was complete or the Overground, I only remember looking out the side over the common. But you are looking at the map at street level and thinking well its right around here but I cant see anything that looks like a pub, and I think it was just one of us suddenly looked up and could see the people sitting by the windows drinking and the neon sign, and then its like ok so how do I get up there then, if only the beer we had was as memorable as the journey to it:)

      the Milton Keynes one I get because that place is like a snoasis in a desert of pubs, Shepherds Bush seems an unusual GBG choice, but if the beer is good then the slightly odd feel of a pub in a shopping centre, it feels alot like sitting in an airport bar, shouldnt matter

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  2. Dear Lord, thats made the Guide???? Made it in there a couple of times before gigs, never exactly impressed with it. Not that much choice in the area though.
    Ian McNabb has always been his own worst enemy, once saw him play a gig where he spent most of the set slagging of Paul McCartney for some obscure reason.

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