I start your new week with big (BIG) news, care of our Mark;

Yes, Waitrose have officially recognised the Pub Ticker as a key part of their demographic and are offering 20% off a pack of markers to lure us into their stores to buy quail eggs or whatever they sell.

Mrs RM has asked me to collect up all my unused green markers and send them to BRAPA.

I wasn’t doing much ticking a week ago, due to something we call “taking a break and getting life stuff sorted out”, but by Thursday I felt the urgent need to do something I’ve been putting off for about 20 years.

Visit the Millhouse, a solid looking Sizzling pub just off the A57 through Worksop I must have passed 107 times this last year alone.

This last year it started looking like this;

Actually the restaurant area was very smart, so I headed instead to the public bar where West Ham were beating some Europeans.

It looks for all the world like a new Everards pub, though actually owned by a local company set up for the purpose.

Tiger then, I guess.

It was dreadful, sour and undrinkable. Since everyone else was drinking Moretti, I surely shouldn’t be surprised, but CAMRA members are sworn to try cask. Just ask Kentish Paul.

I HATE returning a pint, particularly when the young barman is multitasking and I have to wait to catch his attention and start my “Excuse me awfully, I fear this beer etc. etc.”.

The efficient manageress was summoned, the beer sniffed (but not tasted), a replacement IPA offered with good grace.

In truth, it wasn’t great either, which is why I said “It’s lovely” when they asked.

It’s not THEIR fault that no-one drinks cask in towns like Worksop anymore, and pubs expect to see un-used handpumps in smart dining pubs, the same way they expect to see posh hand-wash.

Cask apart, it’s an ambitious place, and I think I’ll go back and try the breakfast menu.

Mrs RM will no doubt join me for churros, if not the Mega Breakfast Challenge.

Oh, nearly forgot the Gents humour.

If there really is someone called Mr. Drew Peacock I have a number he can call I noted in Woodall services.


  1. Always found Everards’ staff good about this. Although Tiger is usually the reliable beer from the range.

    The real challenge in Everards’ pubs at the moment is the ‘free pint’ voucher. Sent to you via email, once activated, it only last for *15 seconds* before expiring. You need a very efficient ordering technique.

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