From End of the Road we made a hurried journal across Cranborne Chase and the famous Zig Zag Road to Shaftesbury.

You’ll remember Shaftesbury.

In 1981 a giant loaf of bread got stuck at the top of Gold Hill and the entire population of the lower town starved.

Mrs RM was doing something called “work” and had booked a “pub office for the day” slot at the Mitre, a decent Youngs pub catering to the pashmina and pumpkin latte crowd.

On a clear day, you can see craft beer from the balcony.

Sadly, the Mitre seemed oblivious to Mrs RM’s 10am booking via a company who source office space in pubs, and looked very shut just when our hero needed it to be open.

So she headed down the back alley behind the pub, laptop in hand, to find a human. If they had any sense they were cowering behind the Tribute hand pumps.

I never heard from her again.

Well, until 5pm, when I was invited to collect her from a quiet back room with decent WiFi, fizzy water, and no sign at all of the 6 pints of Youngs Ordinary I assumed she’d need to help her through a day solving IT problems for the French.

As office windows go, I’ve seen worse.

Reports on my own pub trips will follow, possibly in 2022 at this rate.

3 thoughts on “MRS RM GOES TO WORK IN A PUB

  1. It would be a very good idea for the pub chains to offer something like a season ticket for homeworkers to work in backrooms with lunches included. The chances of a fair percentage of those who bought that, then staying for a few beers at the end of the day, would be very high.

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