So to the purpose of our London adventure, apart from 3 welcome GBG ticks of course.

The Marble Arch Mound, a mound next to Marble Arch, has attracted the imagination of the British public in a way not seen since the craft beer exhibition at the Millennium Dome in 2000 (sole beer : Courage Best), and tickets had been so hard to come by that Westminster Council had to give them away.

The approach from the Serpentine raises expectations to unrealistic levels.

How can they possibly have made this work of majesty, a Hanging Gardens of Babybell of our own, for just £6m ?

No-one was interested in our tickets, and we bounded to the top in 90 seconds.

The views of the millennium wheel are better than you get from the millennium wheel itself !

“Where is it ?” said a group of tourists next to us on the platform.

‘Oooh I can see the trees in Hyde Park” said another.

3 minutes later we were back at ground level, admiring the actual marble arch named after the mound.

You have 4 days left to get free admission to the mound, and I’m sure you too will agree it’s worth every penny. Of your ticket price.

Oxford Street at 8pm on a Sunday is quiet enough, but without many foreign tourists it’s like the City of London at weekends and you can literally stand in the middle of the street and admire stuff for the first time since folk emptied their chamber pots into the road.

Anyway, enough tourism for one year. We needed ice cream. And perhaps a beer.

8 thoughts on “MARBLE ARCH MOUND – £6m WELL SPENT

  1. Wow! Somehow you’ve managed to make the mound experience look even worse than I’d imagined. Is there even a micro tick up there? I’ve been kidding myself the criticism is overdone and it just needs time to bed in and fill out, but oh my word! I think you did the right thing by going though, I can see this being removed in the future…

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      1. Six mil’ for a temporary hill seems pricey. It could so easily have had a slide for return journey, people would pay for that. No craft can shop at the top is unforgivable though…

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      2. The plants look as if they’ve just been shoved into any available space, without thought, and without any planning. Rather like the Ground-force team on a bad day – or should that be good?

        Could this be a trial run for the proposed Festival of Brexit?? (Ouch!)

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  2. When we were sat outside the Rising Sun on Windmill St, just round the corner from the Fitzrovia, Mrs. E. spotted people eating ice cream and said “there must be an ice cream outlet nearby because they have only just started and they’re not melting”.

    She looked up and dowm Tottenham Court Road but couldn’t find it – seems it was Amorino, “little beloved” if my Italian serves, just off on Goodge Street, then.

    That was around 1400 the day that you were also there, Martin

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