Eagle-eyed readers (probably just Leon) will note I had a notional 24 minutes between trains at Manchester, though you can knock 5 minutes off that as people are so SLOW getting off the train and out of the station.

Don’t they know there are pubs to be saved.

Any sensible person would have popped in the Piccadilly Tap, on the doorstep.

But where’s the challenge in that when you can explore the urine-soaked alleys and artwork and revisit a GBG tick you did in the says when you weren’t allowed in pubs.

Back in April I sat outside with the lovely Quosh and was a bit “meh” about the Beatnikz Tap before being blown away by Fierce.

But although the action was still largely outside, and although you might think “student canteen”, I was won over by the interior of Beatnikz in the 183 seconds I spent inside.

Cask for £4 in the heart of Dale Street ? That’s like £2.50 in Sheffield. It was lovely and cool and foamy, despite the handled jug. Am I going soft ?

Note to self : DON’T run for trains.

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