With the relaxation of Covid restrictions comes the return of the Pub Men.

I was fascinated to read Pub Curmudgeon’s reflections on the return of normality. Of a sort.

Good to see Mudgie getting some decent cask in the July heat.

I know my own readers live for that moment of the Plant Pot Beer Tip, and you might be looking at the raised flower bed at Southport’s Beer Den.

As Blackpool Jane asked, is there a random name generator for these never-ending Beer shop/micro/tap places ?

Apart from not opening till the indecent time of 4pm when most of us tickers are ready for bed, the Beer Den is a cosy little place with an absence of the high tables that blight some micros.

Nice cheery staff and bright colourful clips, too.

And on the table outside I chatted with an Old Boy admiring the manoeuvring skills of the DPD driver delivering lawnmowers to the corner shop.

And the beer ? Perhaps a degree or two higher than the cool pint the Tand and I would prefer, but for 21 July it was fine for me. Some of us remember ’76.

But everywhere else in Lancashire, the youngsters have switched to Pravha.

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