You’ve heard about Monday the 19th, “Freedom Day”, spent on my own doorstep at the Blind Monkey. It was wonderful to get back to the bar to but my own pint and then not be disturbed by people continually coming over to my table to bring drinks, take cask, bring change and ask if I want a second pint. #NoMoreTableService

By Tuesday I was ready to venture further afield, into the Dark Peak and my final two Derbyshire ticks. Hurrah !

Sadly, my Northern Rail trundler to Chinley was cancelled due to Covid air conditioning. Boo !

Still, an hour to pass meant a chance to make a debut in the mock Tudor Howard, Sheffield Station’s second waiting room (after the Tap).

Come see the finest bench seating in the city.

Actually, this IS one the centre’s Proper Pubs, a meeting place for lads and lasses of all ages, comparable to the Banks’s tap in Wolves.

Coincidentally, Marston’s ahoy !

Like a number of pubs in town, there’s been a bit of a retrenchment in the number of pumps, 4 to 2 here, which as you’ll know is a bonus for me.

The trainee at the bar is shown how to pull her first pint, looks a bit suspicious when I ask for Saddle Tank, and makes a fine job.

I wore my mask as a courtesy to the staff, who probably wonder why I bother as no-one else does.

“Sit where you like”, almost as good as “Order at the bar”, and I choose the seat where I can see the full spectrum of life. As well as the dodgy daytime TV movie.

It’s far better than than the out-of-town Marston diners, hardly a meal ordered, and the Saddle Tank (£3.10) is cool and drinkable without making me ruin my day by staying for a second.

The crack of pool balls as the 20-somethings join the septuagenarians is a thing of wonder, “Rocket Man” plays at just the right volume, and a table of retired mates ridicule the organiser’s weather forecasts.

You’re no Thomas Shaffer-Naffer !”

Easy for you to say “.

Anyway, gentlemen, Happy Birthday Terry

I shan’t be coming here for my own 57th birthday (22 December, make a note), but I may pop in the next time my train’s delayed. Do Marston’s do any good keg ?


  1. First!

    And, sadly, not my usual cut and paste comments. Life right now is… busy! I won’t be back to my normal routine until late September. I shall leave you with this… a link to a few photos as to what is going on with me:

    From left to right in the link above:

    – My trip to have dinner with my darling wife in the other camp (yes, we have two camps where we work and they put me in one – for freight mainly as that is part of my job – and Rose in the other – as she is in charge of the main camp). A 20-minute helicopter ride to get there and I took the front seat as I was in charge of ‘my’ camp at that time. 🙂

    – Me and my darling wife, at ‘my’ camp. I hit upon a genius solution to being apart in camp. I find something that is broken and she comes down from her camp to fix it… and has to stay the night. 😉

    – the two of us in a helicopter that holds 11 (with the pilot) plus luggage. They had to send us on a two hour flight yesterday (plus 8 others) to ensure we could hook up with our charter flight, that couldn’t land due to bad weather near camp, so we would be home in time to fly out tomorrow to see our grandchildren! (note the plural – we are now the proud grandparents of a granddaughter, born June 5th, whom we are going to see on this time out of camp).

    All for now.


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      1. “Blimey !”

        Indeed! (you don’t know the half of it) 🙂

        “Congrats on the granddaugher, who I’ve named Simon in the absence of a christening.”

        It’s actually Isabelle Marie… but I’m going to work on getting her nickname to be Simon. (LOL)

        “Is this a prison camp ?”

        Since my darling wife is of so close, yet oh so far… yup, prison camp is quite apropos.


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