Well, this was idyllic.

Camping on the slate islands in the Firth of Lorn, imagining I’m in the video for a Wings Christmas Number 1.

The best photo comes from Wiki, courtesy of Michael Watson, who must be VERY tall to have got this shot;

We opted to pay a tenner to park in Seafari Adventures Car Park in Ellenabeich, more to show goodwill than anything.

At 6am next morning we’d be woken by enthusiastic folk on those boats, headed off to search for micropubs in the Garvellachs or whatever enthusiastic people do these days.

With 2 hours till tea at the GBG Oyster Bar, I walked the whole of Eleinabach, singing songs from the Fall 10″ from 40 years ago. One of my most valuable vinyls according to Discog;

The views across to Easdale (pop 59) were very alluring.

But even with the lure of bottled craft beer in the Puffer Bar I decided against pressing both buttons.

And frankly the pier didn’t inspire much confidence.

So instead I stood at the end of the jetty as the mist descended, wondering what the next GBG tick would bring.

8 thoughts on “SLATES

  1. There used to be an arts and crafts shop in Ellenabeich (formerly called Easdale) which heavily featured the works of locally dwelling artist C. John Taylor (no relation presumably). All the tourists ended up there because it was the only place open in the village. The only problem was that his paintings were absolutely dreadful 😮

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      1. Absolutely it is in GBG pubs, and we must suffer for we are CAMRA.

        I was thinking as much of the local bars I’d walked past to get to those GBG pubs which looked a lot more appealing and probably had goos Guinness and no cask !


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