Live blogging from…you guess.

Well, the seaside.

Nice pub, out on a limb.

One beer, served in a John Smiths Smooth glass. The true way.

The landlord is from Queensbury, near the Dolphin. He serves a good pint.

His wife makes a great fish and chips.

And I guess a soundtrack of ELO and Michael Jackson is his fault too.

Talking of punk music, Mike Oldfield has a connection with this pub.

And it’s not the Ommadawn Arms.

22 thoughts on “GUESS THE PUB

    1. I reckon it’s a red herring; the beermats are from the Hadrian Border Brewery, which puts it somewhere in the North East. It’s the Mike Oldfield connection that’s doing my head in.


    1. My “Guess the Pub” attempt was greeted with the silence that usually means I have f****d when blowing my nose.
      The only thing I know about Mike Oldfield is that Tubular Bells was recorded at Richard Branson’s Manor Studio. This was the only pub I could find with this name within a reasonable delivery distance for Hadrian Borders beer mats and with a view of the sea. I’m quite relieved to be wrong, because that half of Doom Bar must be getting pretty old by now.

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      1. Doom Bar improves with age, just like yourself, Will.

        Sorry for absence of my usual care and attention to your always valuable replies, due to Scottish Internet!


  1. I’m sticking my neck out here. Nothing to do with guessing the pub, as I haven’t a clue, but with regards to the glasses I’d (almost) prefer one of those hideous Adnam’s glasses, than a John Smiths Smooth (only one step removed from Doom Bar), glass.


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