But which one is Mrs RM ?

Our first day on the Hadrian’s Wall Trail had been a triumph.

Mrs RM had actually knocked off 2,000 calories as she had to exert much more effort, well done her.

We enjoyed a NBedSS 4.5 and NBrkSS 3 stay at the Old Vicarage, and resisted the call of Walton’s Crosby, Stills & Nash Society.

Wednesday’s walk was another 12 mile slog, but this time straight and following the wall, or at least the ditch (vallum).

Once again I’d brought the good weather with me.

Baa Baa stuck his neck out the back of my rucksack and shouted directions.

Never heard of any of them, and the villages on the way like Banks (above) were barely hamlets.

Towards Birdoswald it finally gets interesting. And steep.

And then you enter Northumberland, marked by the statue of Jimmy Five Bellies.

At last, in Gilsland, somewhere to spend money, as we spot the cafe with hanging sign.

But would we find a pub open at 3 in the afternoon ?

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