Still on last Wednesday in Manchester, somehow; a day that had started with Mrs RM shouting “Don’t get drunk !” as I left the house.

Good job I didn’t succumb to another of the endless number of Northern Quarter bars lining Thomas St, though Matt speaks very highly of Cane & Grain. Should I be worried ?

But I had to make my way across town, looking longingly at the Hare & Hounds before heading down Deansgate for my haircut.

Any longer hair and I’d have needed one of these caps to cover my flowing locks, but only Quosh can pull off that look.

Matt is starting to enjoy the bustle of life in central Manchester again, but could do with the offices going back again and young scruffs not favouring the ’70s prog look.

I know the city will bounce back, the area around Albert Square is seeing some of the largest developments in Europe, though gems like St Annes across from Maclure’s refuse to be obscured.

I think Matt only meets up with me as he knows I’ll bring the sunshine with me across the Pennines, and last Wednesday that meant we could eat outside during Happy Hour at Crazy Pedro’s near the Irwell and the People’s History Museum.

£10 for a large and wonderfully gooey pizza, £4.30 a schooner of Camden Hells. I’m not sure if Matt knows what a schooner is yet. Should I tell him ?

Everyone else seemed to be drinking Hooch, which was last popular when Caffrey’s was all the rage.

“Why is Hooch so popular ?” I asked, wanting to be up with the kids.

They’re giving it away“.

Whether he means that £3 is a steal, or it’s literally a promotion, I never found out and have no idea of pursuing.

10 thoughts on “GIVING AWAY THE HOOCH

    1. …but reduced to ONLY £29.5, that becomes yet another Manc steal. Or you could probably part-exchange your old charity shop cap and get that down to £29, saving not only the zero but also a five. I could get used to these new prices.

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  1. The Peel, Bradford, circa 1996 – had its walls painted with the cartoon fruit characters of Hooch. Sold Hofmeister too, and for a brief period Boddington’s Gold. The members of Terrorvision used to drink there too.

    Now, I think only windows are sold out of the building.

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