Today’s much-anticipated Guess the Pub comes from a table-topping town where you’ll see a lot of this;

Two Wetherspoons, one of them a hotel so you can bideawhile amidst its many charms.

If you’re bored of stylish clocks (and an award-winning) skate park, just up the road is this haunted church, visited nightly by the ghost of “Disembodied Emma of the Pink Wellies”.

Our mystery pub has been visited by Will Larter, which narrows it down to 22,308 possibles.

Last surveyed by local CAMRA in 2012, which proves they haven’t heard that keg pubs will be allowed in GBG22 subject to guaranteeing a karaoke night with Ziggy and Ricky.

In a county packed with working men’s (and women’s, sexist) clubs, estate pubs like this reflect the post-war industry round here.

I can see you searching for that McColls now, but I’ll also let you know the pub is named after my aunt and the chippy after her brother. Giving it away now, I am.

You may need nerves of steel to solve these clues. Good luck, and the prize is a Deuchars.

26 thoughts on “GUESS THE ESTATE PUB

  1. Christ! So many estate pubs to choose from there and you chose ‘that’ one!

    To be fair, I’ve never been in that one, though we took the view from that very church only this Sunday. Of course you spotted the impressive Scratch Dial… you did spot the Scratch Dial 😧… the jewel in the village crown… the most noteworthy feature of the church…

    Must have lost the photo, that must be it.

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      1. No, a HT as JRC subsequently mentioned, and one visible on the Satellite version of Google Maps.
        Now guess TSM’s house. That’s a proper challenge.


  2. Laying your aunt open to identity theft now the world of on-line crime knows her name. (Been in both those Spoons and the football stadium bar.)


    1. I don’t think she has the same surname as me and anyway she lives in Peterborough so no harm can come to her apart from the obvious.

      I enjoyed my trip to the Scottish football stadium; bagpipes and Scotch pies; they beat Trafford 4-2 in the FA Cup in a great match. Presume we’re talking the same place.


      1. On 12 October 2013, unless they’ve done it twice.

        Couldn’t find the church or the clock.

        I only photographed the pub – I don’t count that as a visit!

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      2. I very rarely use a car, but on this occasion I was driving to London so planned a side trip to do the pub photos in Corby. It helped break up the journey. Not really so noble!


  3. Too cunning for me. I was wondering why there didn’t seem to be a spoons hotel in Motherwell etc. etc. Can’t say I’ve ever visited this pub, only the Star about 4 miles SE. It’s looking like it’s had makeover since GSV came by. I’ll look forward to your doubtless imminent report. 🍻

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    Easy! Just from the photo below of the fellow behind the bar I’m guessing it’s the Man with Two Heads. 🙂

    “where you’ll see a lot of this;”

    That HAS to be in Shipley in West Yorks.
    (oh wait; that’s Saltaire, not Saltire)

    “just up the road is this haunted church, visited nightly by the ghost of “Disembodied Emma of the Pink Wellies”.”

    If she visits nightly, what’s she doing there in the middle of the day?

    “subject to guaranteeing a karaoke night with Ziggy and Ricky.”

    You forgot disco. 😉

    “Giving it away now, I am.”

    In your dreams!

    “Good luck, and the prize is a Deuchars.”

    Pfft. If it’s not Doom Bar, I’m out.



  5. Ah yes, that Saltire was a classic piece of misdirection.

    I notice that town features an impressive number of pubs on WhatPub with the crossed-out red barrel symbol 😀

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      1. Isn’t Real Ale denoted by a black barrel, and the lack of it by a crossed-out red barrel?


      2. T’other Mudgie,
        Okay, you’re evidently much more familiar with that WhatPub site than I am.
        Surely though a crossed out Red Barrel is a positive symbol for those of us a bit long in the tooth.

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    1. Used to be a grand looking Everards pub (Knights Lodge) in the GBG, and a keg Sam Smiths offering a real cider (apparently) temporarily closed. Still quite well pubbed.


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