You give the Americans an inch (of map) and they ask for a mile.

You’ve had long enough; here’s the answer to yesterday’s “Guess the Pub Crosses the Pond“.

If you’d analysed that bit of river really closely you could have deduced you were in Michigan, but the giveaway was this ‘lil fella;

Yes, it’s Gerald R Ford, whose presidency seems to have consisted of budget deficits and pardons (for Nixon and draft dodgers). It’s hard to escape his legacy in Grand Rapids, also famed for its furniture trade.

And the pub ?

You were fixated on finding a pub called “Old Ben” or “Firkin & Franklin”,

but what actually was Benjamin, if not a Founder ?

Famed for their All Day IPA sold in cans in 7-11s, I even gave you a clue in the last line.

Perhaps I need to give these quizzes a difficulty rating. That was a 7/10.

18 thoughts on “FFS IT’S FOUNDERS !

      1. Well done John.

        I found out that Grand Rapids was known as Furniture City yesterday, but couldn’t relate it to the aerial shot, so gave up on that.

        I also couldn’t work out what deaf Jack Russells had to do with it.

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      2. The aerial shot on Google maps is quite different from that on Bing, and does not show the key features either.

        Must be years apart.


  1. Nice ale founders. Some times see it in home bargains for a quid. First time i tried it, it was with that crazy Nick guy before he went loon. he really rated it.
    Though I gather the beer fell foul of the kids due to some controversy or other? i’ll have to google it.

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  2. Only now do I realise that “Greenhithe is an excellent guess” because it’s only twenty miles from the Founders Arms.
    But so are dozens of other places and hundreds of other pubs.


    1. Both correct. Ford issued Presidential Proclamation 4313, which introduced a conditional amnesty program for military deserters and Vietnam War draft dodgers, conditional on public service and reaffirmation their allegiance to the United States. Carter extended it to a full pardon as promised in the election.


  3. Well, I bear an extra badge of shame for not getting this one, Michigander that I am! I once took my family to a historical museum in Grand Rapids that heavily featured their importance in furniture production. Clearly I didn’t pay as much attention that day as I should have!

    Now that I know you’re aware of Founders, have you ever heard of the Michigan brewery Bell’s? That one was apparently started by a graduate of my alma mater, Kalamazoo College: http://www.bellsbeer.com/story

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    1. If it’s any consolation, Mark, when people post photos of pubs on Twitter and expect me to “name the pub” I generally have no clue (there’s one tonight by Paul Heaton that’s stumped me). My general knowledge isn’t bad but I’d struggle with my own quiz, if you know what I mean.

      Grand Rapids looks worth a visit.

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