I’ll leave the analysis of the Prime Minister’s Road Map to the experts, it sounded as depressing as we all expected. AND the Covid cases actually went up from last week. My Pollyanna status is under threat.

At least barbers can return on 12 April; perhaps they can cut hair outside in the pub “wine gardens” we read about that can re-open the same day. Will many pubs take a risk opening gardens for 5 weeks ? I’ll be scouring pub Facebook pages to find out.

I’ve no idea whether table service, outside or in, will be mandatory. You’ll know my views on table service, which are clearly shared by the Malin Bridge Inn (top).

Anyhow, at least we’re moving forward, bumps in the road notwithstanding. I’ve created my own Road Map for when pubs return. FIVE pubs within FIVE minutes walk of home.

For the purpose of Google Maps, the Blind Monkey IS home (59 seconds up the hill), and my starting point.

Followed up a Doom Bar in the Rose, something murky in Walkley Beer, a genuine pre-emptive tick in the Raven (aka Palm Tree),

and finishing up in the Florist.

Then I might finally feel I’ve arrived in Sheffield.

23 thoughts on “CALL THAT A ROADMAP ?

    1. Yes, that’s my interpretation. And there’s been a widespread vibe on social media that June 21st will mean some kind of bacchanalia, which no doubt will cause Chris Whitty apoplexy. So expect a further extension of restrictions…

      Many wet-led pubs felt that opening during the old Tier 1 (which is basically what this will be) was a waste of time.


      1. Bacchanalia, to follow the “carnage” of July 4th, aka “damp squib”. My lad told me it was manic those few weeks that Liverpool was open while Manchester was closed, which shows you what a daft decision that was.

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      1. Yes……no! I have a terrible memory and as we retrace our journeys from previous years I forget which order some villages/towns come in and, on some of the larger lock flights, I’m convinced that locks have been added (sometimes taken away also!) by the authorities. The Wolverhampton ‘Twenty-one’ and Stourbridge ‘Sixteen’ are easy to remember, but for years I was convinced that there were seventeen locks at Audlem on the Shropshire Union…there are only fifteen! (I’m not entirely convinced that a couple haven’t been removed, but there’s no evidence…well, not in this timeline/reality!)

        We once ‘lost’ a pub for almost many years, as well! Back in 1981 (my second ever canal trip) we were heading for Birmingham along the Shropshire Union and got as far as Audlem (ironically enough!) but there was a canal breach ahead of us. We had to turn around and head back north and go across country to the Trent & Mersey Canal to get to Birmingham the long way, meaning that we were travelling for about 12 hours per day…sometimes in the dark!

        On the penultiomate day we came across a pub that was adjacent to a lock, so I was despatched to get pints and snacks for the crew (five of us). The pints were downed whilst we worked the lock, glasses returned and we were on our way. Shortly after there, I took over steering duties until we stopped for the night between Wolverhampton and Birmingham. (I’ve looked it up – we were at the back of a pub called the Boat Inn at Hills Bridge on the BCN Main Line – the pub is long gone – but that’s not our ‘lost’ pub!)

        As our lunchtime drink was un-logged, it was another 10 – 15 years before we realised that our lunchtime, ‘splash ‘n’ go’ pitstop had been at The Boat Inn, Penkridge!

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      2. Pete,
        The Boat at Penkridge was a great Allied Breweries pub when kept by Dave Laird twenty-five years ago. It was in the news with a stabbing and someone run over in its car park when open during the first lock down last spring.
        I doubt if you’ve ever taken a wrong turning at a canal junction. It was in Oxfordshire when a train I was in went the wrong way at a junction.

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      3. There might be some canal/river junctions where the current takes you the wrong way. And, as Pete will confirm, there are one or two road-type signs on the canals.

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    1. I am good with maps and directions and don’t own a satnav. But I can see the point if you’re regularly driving to unfamiliar locations in urban areas – it’s that last mile that is the problem.

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      1. Yes, I could probably drive to the general location of any major town in Great Britain without making a wrong turn. But finding the Physician’s Arms on Gaol Street could be a problem. And, very often, wrong turns have resulted from the road signs differing from the inferred layout on a map.

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      2. T’other Mudgie,
        I think the furthest I’ve driven was to Heathrow Airport, which was well signposted, and a hospital in Newport, which wasn’t.


  1. “AND the Covid cases actually went up from last week. ”

    I hear Boris did at least acknowledge that cases would go up after the staggered (or should that be staggeringly stupid) opening plan. 😉

    “You’ll know my views on table service, which are clearly shared by the Malin Bridge Inn (top).”

    (slow golf clap)

    “FIVE pubs within FIVE minutes walk of home.”

    Yes, but after five pints how long will the walk home be? 😉

    “a genuine pre-emptive tick in the Raven (aka Palm Tree),”

    That photo actually makes it look Edgar Allan Poe-ish.

    “Then I might finally feel I’ve arrived in Sheffield.”

    Agreed! Best of luck!


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  2. “FIVE pubs within FIVE minutes walk of home.” –Admit it: This was the primary factor in choosing your new home. 😉

    I like the idea of getting a haircut in a beer garden. Though I must take care not to have my lovely pint of ale filled with little (grey) hairs…


    1. Last time in Dover for football a couple of years back The Thirsty Scarecrow (mostly cider focused but did a few beers) was a joint micropub/hairdressers.

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      1. There was for a while a pub in Birkenhead called Gallagher’s that combined beer and barbering, but I think more recently it’s dropped the barbering. I’ve certainly been scalped by the prices in a few pubs over the years!

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