Our boozers may have been closed for what feels like a generation, but due to the magic of Google Maps I can still pop my head round the door of pubs like this gorgeous looking pub.

Today’s mystery pub has been in and out of the Good Beer Guide over the last decade or so, selling me a superb pint of this unfashionable classic from across the county border on my last trip in 2015.

One of several pubs in town where you’ll spot the local CAMRA magazine edited by the estimable Tim Thomas.

The usual GBG entry round here is an award-winning club sharing its name with the town, but our mystery pub is on the cusp of the town and the countryside, accessible by many modes of arrival.

A pub you want to end a long walk at, really.

But don’t feel too down if you decide to skip the walk and just make the 5 minute walk from the station. Just don’t overdo the roast lunch or you’ll struggle to get through the gate.

After a pint or two, explore an underrated town, only slightly larger than Waterbeach but with a gorgeous main street where you might be assailed by the Tutti Men if you arrive on the wrong day just after Easter.

3 pints of our favoured pint at our mystery pub and you’ll be fine.


  1. And the winner is… Steve Kelly (@steveofbeer) of Thirsty Thatcham in Berks, for identifying the Downgate in Hungerford. Next time that a Thatcham pub has Cloudwater on cask I’ll nip down and buy Steve a pint (of Doom Bar, obvs). Thatcham is well-pubbed, isn’t it ?


    1. Steve was very quick to guess the pub correctly. The Wheatsheaf Inn in Thatcham has a beer garden and serves a good pint of Delphic Brew ‘Level Crossing’ brewed less than a mile away. The notorious Thatcham Level Crossing itself is slightly further away. You can buy me a pint there too when you visit!

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