“Is he STILL writing about Devon ?!”

Not much more, then I can return to a Holt’s pub in Manchester and street art in Hartlepool (honest), which I expect you’ll prefer.

Devon can be a bit samey, but like Essex quality was pretty consistent, and the welcome genuine (with one exception).

None more so than the Bell in Parkham, hidden in a gaggle of lanes south of Bideford.

Still haven’t been to Lundy
Parkham in Bloom
It’s open !

Actually, the pub’s own picture is better. It was SPOTLESS inside, by the by.

This is the place that seemed to promise a 10am opening, mecca for pub tickers, and caused a rather stilted phone call that left me unsure whether that promised would be realised on Saturday morning.

Are you the gentleman who phoned last night to harass our young lady ask about opening ?” she smiled.

I offered that I was, and gave the young lady a terrifying look of contrition.

Horse brasses

Seems they’re doing breakfast (with beer) for a small army of housebuilders on the edge of the village.

They’d only just opened up inside, but found me the best seat in the pub, from where I could see the bar (and the kitchen). Not that much was happening at 10:02.

Reader, I had the works.

Well, the all day breakfast with coffee and half a cool, foamy Otter in an Estrella glass. Just as God intended.

I cannot lie; it did my diet no good at all but lifted my spirits even higher than usual, if such a thing is possible.

NBSS 3.5

Kids, don’t have one of those EVERY days. Five time a week is plenty.

The Landlady popped by for a chat, confirmed that Monday to Wednesday were the new weekend with the Rishi discount, and told me the heart-warming tale of Georgie the Pub Cat‘s survival in the fridge.

He doesn’t look too happy about that in that picture” I said, but just as that moment he came in, saw my empty plate, and kept walking.


  1. โ€œIs he STILL writing about Devon ?!โ€

    Si already used that line for Surrey. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    “Itโ€™s open !”

    Good! No black mark… like the Black Horse then. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    “Horse brasses”

    I hear they have big ones too.

    “Well, the all day breakfast”

    I’m getting hungry just looking at that. And it’s near bed time over here!

    “it did my diet no good at all”

    What is this ‘diet’ of which you speak?
    (barely one stone more than my high school days… and that’s with all the beer!)* ๐Ÿ™‚
    * – and my darling wife’s good cooking!

    “NFESS 4”

    National Fried Egg? Or Full English?

    “and told me the heart-warming tale of Georgie the Pub Catโ€˜s survival in the fridge.”

    Heart warming and fridge; heh.

    “but just as that moment he came in, saw my empty plate, and kept walking.”

    So… typical cat then?


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      1. Except at Premier Inn breakfasts, although they had run out at Dundee in April last year.


  2. So there I was, just the spell-check and maybe half an hour on Google to winkle out the more obvious inaccuracies on yet another witty, slightly self-depracating, but highly informative sub-250 word comment on Torrington, when damn-me if another post drops! I canโ€™t keep up. Can anyone? Iโ€™ve binned it now, Iโ€™ll just have to hold it over for the forthcoming vanity published book series…

    Anyway, whilst I donโ€™t approve of Baked Beans in a seperate bowl (so long as they donโ€™t touch the egg of course ๐Ÿ˜ฑ), very fine looking breakfast there. Look at those mushrooms! Cooked not boiled. Lovely.


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