Next up on Wednesday night a lovely straightforward downhill walk and a straightforward Proper Pub at the end.

Blistering heat, but that only spurs me on, and now I see I made Appledore in 47 minutes rather than the hour plus suggested by a sluggish Google Maps.

Westward Ho !
Useful map this

At the top of the hill the village opens out in front of you, and you see two queues.

One for chips, one for the Champ.



Looks a classic, the sort of backstreet boozer run by longstanding landlady you see on every corner in Leek.

I joined the queue, and hoped the dog wouldn’t lick me.

The view into the pub unfolded as I headed toward the bar.




No idea what the beers were. Not Doom Bar, unfortunately (be patient, be patient).


Something called Mariners, my notes say. It was well kept homebrew.

I took the last seat indoors, next to a couple of blokes singing along to “You’re So Vain” .


It was wonderful, homebrew or not. A micro pub for real people.


One London couple came to the door and were told “No space at the Inn, my darlings“, but they were no Mary and Joseph.

Didn’t like the look of them anyway” said someone, a little too loudly.

A drunk in a Liverpool shirt told us we couldn’t vote for him, which I would have, and slunk off “before I embarrass myself“.

A nice local couple came in and showed off their dog, enjoying “Sultans of Swing” and biscuits.


I stayed for a second pint (Clearwater, named after Bob) , so it must have been good. The Landlady was reluctant to sell it as it hadn’t cleared, but I insisted. She was right.


Dire Straits gave way to the Doobies. I left before I, like a fool, believed I’d have a 3rd pint.

16 thoughts on “APPLEDORE, NO BORE

  1. Some good pubs in Appledore over the years. Don’t know if Bideford’s Jollyboat Brewery is still going but their beers were excellent. Haven’t been down there since 2010. Incidentally, Westward Ho! is the only town in the UK with an exclamation mark in its name. Thank Charles Kingsley for that.


  2. Smashing looking pub, both outside and in. It sounds good too, from your write-up, Martin.

    There’s an Appledore in Kent, over-looking Romney Marsh. It’s many a year since I last ventured into the the Black Lion, the village’s sole remaining pub, but it looks a good ‘un from the website!

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  3. “rather than the hour plus suggested by a sluggish Google Maps.”

    They often get it wrong, don’t they? I think it’s based on someone walking who’s used to a mobility scooter. ๐Ÿ™‚

    “Useful map this”

    I’ve seen that one before.

    “run by longstanding landlady you see on every corner in Leek.”

    As opposed to longstanding landlady taking a leek on every corner?

    “and hoped the dog wouldnโ€™t lick me.”

    Not to worry; you’re nowhere near Lickey End near Brum mate. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    “The view into the pub unfolded as I headed toward the bar.”

    Judging by the sign on the door, I don’t think I’d be keen to stay in one of their rooms.

    “I took the last seat indoors, next to a couple of blokes”

    But still two metres apart, yes?

    “A micro pub for real people.”

    In the photo below I’m starting to twig to the fact that every sanitiser kills 99.9% of bacteria. Go figure!

    “but they were no Mary and Joseph.”

    Wrong season as well.

    “(Clearwater, named after Bob) ”

    Or the small town just over an hour’s drive north of Kamloops, British Columbia.

    “She was right.”

    Which is why they have a twinned bog. ๐Ÿ™‚


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