Holiday snap time.

I woke last Sunday morning to the barking that blights our nation, as Durham’s doggies set off for their daily dose of coast.

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One positive to emerge from the Lockdown has been folk clinging to their right to “exercise”, and there must have been a hundred walkers, joggers and cyclists out on the remote bit of National Trust coastline below Nose’s Point at 8.30.

Always instructive to read the Trip Advisor reviews on natural attractions, complaining about the lack of vegan pashminas and roofs.

Nose’s Point has universally positive reviews. Almost.

If you want to look at beaches that resemble a crater on planet jupiter you’ve hit the nail on the head” Dvdwright7

Packed beaches

The air is better than ever, the paths well maintained, the craft beer cans in the bin at the car park.

Walkers trail

Not quite sure how you actually got down to the beach. It’s a big jump (NOT recommended).

Mum would be screaming “too close!” by now

The closest pub is that Hawthorn boozer across the burn, but in the Business Park facing the car park you’ll find this.

I’m sure the nice folk at the latest incarnation of Castle Eden will sell you some craft beer, Just don’t leave your cans on Blast Beach.


5 thoughts on “NOSE’S POINT

  1. “Nose’s Point has universally positive reviews. Almost.”

    There is something very ‘early 21st century it’s come to this’ about the idea of people posting reviews of nature itself. I reckon if we invited people to rate the sky above some folks would have only qualified praise. “Yes, it’s blue, but is it really as blue as it *could* be…” 🙂

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