You left me in New Mills, where Mrs RM was weighing up the Pros (world class views down the Goyt Valley) and Cons (poor reviews for the Chinese takeaway).

The North

I could always go to Whaley Bridge for a takeaway” I offered, remembering a NCTSS 4.5 Chinese supper from 2008, which may reveal excess optimism on my part.

We haven’t sold our house yet, the sign isn’t even up, but that hasn’t stopped Mrs RM’s walking into gardens to nosey through windows,  She can’t see the problem in this.

From the street, we could hear the Goyt rushing past the mill.

Unless you’re in a campervan, or it’s coming through your door, or it’s BRAPA, the sound of rushing water from your window is a definite plus.

15 years since we visited the millenium walkway and thought “That’ll be nice when it’s finished”, the old mill is finally starting to show some life.


Then she saw the pub that would be her local if she lived here.

Possible local

The Rock isn’t a Beer Guide pub, just a local.  But I know a few Americans who’d love a local like this.

Handwashed and contact & trace-compliant, I observed the sort of cheery Robinson’s local that the Dark Peak excels in.

Subtlest floor markings so far
Unicorn, obvs

Mrs RM always expects me to get her “a Dizzy Blonde for a dizzy blonde” so she can write about casual sexism on Facebook.

Sorry.  It’s Unicorn.

Looked good too

Only managed a sip, Mrs RM rating it highly enough. NBSS 3, I guess.

By the end she was outlining her decorating plans to a local who probably knows Quosh.

Gone in 3 minutes 37

Must have been half a dozen in, half a dozen out in the garden.  OK but not dazzling Saturday trade on the second Saturday of the rest of our lives.

We were won over, particularly when we saw the Donald Duck lego.


But how would Glossop compare ?












25 thoughts on “LOVE ON THE ROCKS

  1. The Goyt forms part of the the boundary between our CAMRA branch, Stockport and South Manchester, and High Peak, North East Cheshire and Tameside. Iirr, it follows the border of the pre-1974 County Borough of Stockport (the local government entity that the town’s football club is named after).

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      1. There was a Guinness flavoured Sensations, and many companies add the contents of that duff pint of York Guzzler from Wales to ready salted crisps during the current vinegar shortage.


      2. “current vinegar shortage” ?
        Vinegar glut I thought with all that four month old cask beer from when all the pubs shut.

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  2. Are you nearing the stage of moving house? Last time we did that was 2003, and oh my goodness, the sheer mass of useless c**p we’ve accumulated since then! I’ll be interested to hear of how it goes for you if you’re inclined to write about it. We’ll be making a move in 5 to 10 years’ time, I reckon.

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    1. Our last move was 2003 as well, Mark. We’re both a bit obssessively anti-clutter, but I do have 25 years of National Geographic to dispose of humanely, which will be a challenge.

      Where would you move to ? The Ozarks ? Macclesfield ?

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      1. You must have been aghast at the amount of clutter when you visited our place last year, Martin. I can’t really hide behind us having builders in at the time, either! 🙄


      2. I take gentlefolk to hospital (or did till March). I can’t believe how cluttered folks houses get!
        You’re not gentlefolk, Paul(70+). Gentle, perhaps.


      1. 1987 and 1994 for us, but we might look at down-sizing once young Bailey has flown the nest. However, given the amount of clutter we’ve accumulated, especially Mrs PBT’s clothes and shoe collection, it would take us a year or three just to get ready for a move.

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