Yesterday I promised you a rational considered view of Enfield, plucky (Spoiler) runner-up to Crook in that magical year of 1964.

NEVER write the score on a programme. Drawing a lion is fine, obvs.

Since I gave you the pub highlights from Crook, I’ve had a go at winning a “Trip to Tokyo ’64” but sadly I couldn’t find the 3d. to accompany the entry.

Correct answer clearly –  U.  Better drugs

The footage from the match doesn’t look a lot different from the FA Cup Final, its professional equivalent.  Dodgy keeping, hoofs down the field, looped crosses, toothless fans with rattles. Mind, that could be Burnley in 2020.

I thought about popping down the A10 to Enfield Chase for you this afternoon; it’s only an hour.


But there was a 37% chance of rain, and believe me you don’t want to be wet in Enfield.

So I’ve raided Google Maps and BRAPA. You remember BRAPA, don’t you ?

As in Crook, their regular GBG entry is a Spoons. Perhaps they should merge.

Your Spoons

Si wrote “I sat at a table, where a ‘Mail on Sunday’ had spewed out several glossy trash mags, stuck to the table in classic ‘Spoons style.  I supped my ale and read how Nicky Lyndhurst doesn’t like fame, and then how Piers Morgan wants Mel B and Ginger Spice to have had a one night stand, and felt a bit ill.

Enfield isn’t as dull as Maidenhead, but the best looking building IS the Krispy Kreme drive-thru.

Grade II listed

The must-see pub is a couple of miles south.  Winchmore Hill but Enfield CAMRA.

Despite Duncan accidentally destroying the GBG Ticking Joint Liaison Office, we all managed to visit the Little Green Dragon last year.

Nice by windows

Cosy and welcoming” said I.


strikes the right balance between intimacy and personal space” said Duncan.

Top man Richard

easily pub of the day, almost forgot how desperate I was for a wee” said Simon.

Good grief.  Consensus.

Less consensus on the Arnos Arms, which isn’t really Enfield but does have a nice Bass lantern.


But there MUST be more to Enfield than a Spoons and a donut drive-thru.  Surely ?





  1. That must have been one of my more serious ‘reviews’ but remember it well as it left a good impression. Best building in Enfield? I offer you the superb Art Deco stand at Enfield FC in Donkey Lane.

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  2. Not sure why, but it makes me a little sad to see that Krispy Kreme has invaded the British Isles. I mean, unless they’ve adapted to local tastes and are offering Scotch eggs.

    Loved the comparison of reviews from you, Duncan, and Simon! Here’s hoping it can be a recurring feature whenever possible, especially if the final review from Simon includes some mention of needing to have a wee. 😉


  3. I originally thought the somewhat disjointed lettering system for the Tokyo Olympics comp was to aid the primitive computer OCR of 1964 to process the entries. Then I read all the letters and realised you couldn’t make a rude word out of them. They KNEW, even back them.

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  4. Enfield’s best pub is The Wonder, which lives up to its name: an unspoilt two-room McMullens local with a proper public bar; rather like the Great Eastern in Hertford or the White Hart in South Mimms.

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