I hope Patrick of Bangor’s eponymous pub is coping, despite everything. This post is for him; the Southworths would love his boozer.

Four posts from Bangor in four years; possibly four more than Fiddler’s Dram actually managed.

“In 1979 that Fiddlers Dram single was one of the first ones I bought as a 14 year old punk, along with “Nuclear Device” “

See the source image
We know you went to Rhyl, Debbie


Not the obvious base for your North West Wales wander, but I’m never one for the obvious.

Bring your trunks and you can swim to Beaumaris for the changing of the Bass at the Bull.

View from Beaumaris to Patrick’s

I recommend the University Management Centre for your overnighter; not as cheap as Newport or Plymouth but very comfy and with top WiFi.

View to Anglesey from Management Centre

Lovely hilly walks down to the Victorian pier with its historic Tap & Spile, one of a handful remaining in the UK.

NOT a micro
Served Bass in 2016

The crowdfunding effort to extend the pier to Puffin Island has been unsuccessful, sadly.

Half way to a Robinsons Hotel (Gazelle)

A pleasant if functional city, which I seem to have skimped on recording properly on 3 visits, saving my film for the pubs.

The folk look a bit faceless based on Google Maps evidence.

bangor uni

Just as London IS the Royal Oak, Bangor IS Patrick’s.


One of those pubs that cater for everybody, whether you tip up at 3pm on Thursday,

Charrington IPA

or 11pm on a Sunday with a drunken Scotsman in search of Bass.

“We chatted local football, studentz and Bass, which is about 95.7% of life.

After two pints, at 23:12 I suggested we try the local artisan gin. Why’d we do this ?

I blame Duncan

And if that (and the Spoons we dare not mention) isn’t enough, across the road from Patrick’s we found a student pub where they allow over-25s in at midnight on Sunday.

Belle Vue

We were disappointed, nay, horrified when the Belle Vue failed to sneak into GBG20. If we’d known, we’d have skipped the cask and had a jug of Mojito cocktail.

Duncan’s elbow

You don’t get Sunday opening hours like this in Manchester.

7 thoughts on “BANGOR – A LOVELY TIME

  1. Great looking pub. You really wonder what will happen after our shutdown time. What a sad thing to see if a pub like this doesn’t open back up. I have been seeing some notes on pubs in New York that are not reopening. Sad times.

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  2. That view of the University Management Centre looks familiar. I spent a week at Bangor University, taking part in a geology field course, whilst in the Upper VI th, or whatever they call it these days. I was a couple of weeks short of my 18th birthday, but that didn’t stop me and my fellow classmates going out on the lash, with the full connivance of our teachers!

    There was one evening where we couldn’t though, and that was Sunday. The Sabbath was “dry” in that part of North Wales, back in the mid-70’s, and the steward at the Students Union Bar, was under orders not to serve us.

    Most of the pubs were Greenall Whitley – “Grottty Greenalls” for those who remember such things, but we did meet a nice group of girls in one, who also happened to be in Bangor on a field course, so there were compensations!

    ps. There’s a rather rude version of “Day Trip to Bangor.” I’m sure someone like Professor Pie Tin will remember the words better than me!


    1. T’other Paul,

      It was Aberystwyth for our sixth form geography field course and during the week I just managed to drink in every pub in the town, a bit of a rush on the Friday afternoon if I remember correctly.
      There was another such sixth form group there but there was some confusion where they were from, either Keswick or Chiswick – honestly.

      Does that rather rude version of “Day Trip to Bangor” include the line “And on the way back we stopped for a c**p and sexually assaulted the driver”?


      1. “either Keswick or Chiswick” – it was Kendal.

        I think you’d find the rude version is “Week’s trip to Bognor (Pontin’s)”, which I suffered at the age of 14.


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