March 2020

Even shopping is too hazardous now. But I’ve identified the quietest supermarket in Cambridgeshire, which will be of no use to you if you live in Grimsby or Chicago.


Sainsbury’s opened last year in Eddington, a new University village on farmland near the Roman road out to Huntingdon.

It’s main purpose is to provide housing for Uni staff struggling with an average house price of Ā£425k, the second highest in the country.


And no doubt, to annoy the architectural purist.

Very Washington DC

I spent ages explaining to Dad where Eddington was, before settling on;

“It’s near the Beefeater, Dad”

See the source image

Without pubs, how will we give folk directions anywhere ?

Eddington doesn’t have a pub, but it does have a beer garden.

Sadly cancelled

That “market square” is work in progress, to be polite, and what looks like a burrito van turns out to be a hair salon.

NOT a hipster food cart

Perhaps the hotel, still being built, will serve Bass and Plum Porter. Perhaps not.

Hotel expected before pubs reopen

It’s a quiet place to walk or cycle, a bit like a half-finished golf resort in Tenerife.

Are those hills?
Ideal for social distancing

I’ve been to the Storey’s Field arts centre for a Laura Veirs gig; a weird school hall with Magic Rock in cans type place.

Middle class enclave
Craft cans aahoy

Typical of all new developments, they forgot the most important thing.


Not that that matters much, now.

Sainsbury’s had a good craft beer selection, but you know my views on drinking at home, somewhere below bestiality on the League Table of Acceptable Practices.

Still, I had a full recyclable bag full of caviar, quail’s eggs and aioli to lug back to my car, parked just off the A14.

So I took the short cut via NIAB over wasteground, the bag cutting into my fingers.

More blossom.

Never tire of nature

Luckily my car was exactly as I left it.

Gets you from A to B

Life goes on.

11 thoughts on “WELCOME TO EDDINGTON

    1. I will, Dave. Nothing wrong with the odd can or bottle in the comfort of your own home – especially at the moment! šŸ˜€


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