I always assume I know everywhere in England, based on a ability to say to strangers “Ah, Flitwick. Excellent kebab shop. NBSS 3.5 beer in the Crown. Poor man’s Ampthill” etc. etc.

But shamefully, I’d never been to a pub in Winchcombe before.


Despite it’s legendary status in Bill Bryson’s Notes From A Small Island and the fact that 82% of England’s footpaths pass through here.
Having spent 20 minutes there this week, I can confidently declare it “The Ashburton of the Southern Midlands” and rave about the coronation chicken rolls at North’s Bakery.


Lovely buildings, independent shops, but everyone was headed for Cheltenham I guess.


Future micro called TyPhoo Tap

The Lion is hard to sum up from outside.


But inside it’s 30-somethings in Barbour and pashmina stopping for lunch on the way to the races.

That’s OK. We can’t all be the Stile.

It was hot
Dog-friendly. You’ve been warned
Sherry/flower pot combo posho favourite

At the bar a couple of chaps have stretched out for the session, leaving coats on chairs and attempting to block my view of the Marston’s Saddle Tank to force me to Buy Local.

Not beers I warm to, to be fair
Can you tell them apart

They fail, of course.

Staff are friendly, the beer a little tired, which at £4 a pint is a shame.

Note sign to the privies

I get my phone out to find out what “Privies” are, and find it’s French for “Place to tip an NBSS 2.5 beer that’s not bad enough to take back but you can’t stomach“.

The outside loo is the highlight, and I enjoy washing my hands with the Dufftown Distilleries handwash while singing Happy Birthday* for 20 seconds.


*The Altered Imges version, not Stevie


  1. Only visited the Old Corner Cupboard in Winchcombe – looked good from the outside but was a bit tired within as I recall.

    Sadly, we didn’t spot the Lion.


  2. For once Martin, there’s a town where you haven’t been in a pub, and I have!

    Some time in the early 80’s, whilst on a camping and cycling holiday in the Cotswolds, visiting all those lovely Donnington’s pubs, the previous Mrs PBT’s and I called into a pub in Winchcombe. I can’t remember what it was called, or indeed much about it, although I might have made a note of it in an old beer guide.

    It was after dark, and we were on our way back from somewhere, so arrived by car, rather than by bike.

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