3rd March 2020

More brave exploration, a first-ever trip to the Rhins of Galloway, the bit in the South-West of Scotland that looks a bit like Italy.

Just as I was drafting this postI noticed this tweet from the Great Tand, whose family come from Drummore.

Drummore – lovely and isolated

I’m always a bit grumpy when folk complain about a lack of maps showing where Doncaster or Devizes are, but I’ll go the extra mile with Drummore.

Beyond Dumfries the roads get slower, particularly off the main A75, but your reward are routes hugging the coast, just like at the end of Shawshank Redemption.

Drummore is the most southerly village in the whole of Scotland. Draw a line across the map and you end up in Durham, which is pretty much England, isn’t it ?


The tick is on a caravan park. I actually phoned the Clashwhannon, which sounds like a cross between early 1980s punk and pop bands, twice before setting off, reassured both times by a friendly north-eastern voice assuring me they awaited my visit.

Rare Caravan Park Guide entry
Proud to be in GBG 17

And indeed it was open. Or, at least, the door opened.

Bench seating
Above average holiday park pub

No-one about in the Public, but from the Lounge I heard the unmistakeable gurgling and laughter of children. Perhaps one of them would pull me a half of Black Sheep ?

Mum turned up, apologised for the absence, ushered me back to the Public, and we chatted about her home town of Peterlee and the tourist season.

One beer is plenty, a very decent NBSS 3

With no-one to chat to or observe, I entertained myself with Trout Fisherman monthly.

Better reading than average

And enjoyed the child’s screech at the start of the Joe Dolce classic, criminally overshadowed by a dull Ultravox track in early 1981. “Shaddup You Face” means “Wash your face” in Scotland.

I had Drummore Harbour to myself. It’s gorgeous.

Future micropub
The next Amble !

One recently shut pub up for sale,


and one rather austere hotel with locals lighting up outside.

Scary lion

And that’s your lot. Bet it looks different if I come back in another 50 years time.



  1. This post prompted a quick read on Wikipedia for what goes on in town. The only comment they make regarding the economy is that things have slowly closed. You really wonder what the residents do to get by in this area. At one point the town had three bakers. Not that I will ever know, but, like you, I do wonder what it will be like in 50 years…

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I’d bet the bars in this part of the world will have been really badly hit by the current drink/drive legislation.

    The economy will surely receive a huge boost when Boris builds his bridge/tunnel/international airport/refuge for abandoned mothers/fridge storage facility/Priti Patel concealment facility.


    1. Loads of caravan parks, though not many hotels compared to to your part of Scotland. Mind, you could fit the whole population outside of Dumfries aand Stranraer into Elgin, let alone Aberdeen.


  3. “Joe Dolce classic” Who are you trying to kid, Martin? More like the pile of sh*te which kept Ultravox’s real classic off the Number One spot.


      1. Disagree one hundred percent, although I’ve known you long enough to realise you’re being playful with this one!!


      2. “Shaddup You Face” must be about the most irritating record I’ve ever heard – although there was another one about that time, that thankfully I can’t remember, that’s just as bad.


      3. “There’s no-one quite like Grandma”, “Save your love my darling”, “Birdie song”, “Agadoo”, anything by Shakin’ Stevens. The list is endless.


      4. Oh, the 1980s had their odd laugh-out-loud moments, like Mark Thatcher getting lost in Africa and the Gibbs trying to sue the Hee Bee Gee Bees. It wasn’t all gloom and despondency, was it?

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