3rd February 2020

So here it is, my last Surrey tick.

Beautifully done, retiredmartin

I only beat Duncan by a week, but a week is a long time in pubbing. Surrey may not be around when Simon gets there, it’ll probably have been sold to reduce the national debt.

West Clandon

We could probably clear the whole debt by selling West Clandon and its adjacent National Trust Palladian piles to the Japanese.

The Bulls Head is a prime example of how folk in the very richest villages want old and unchanging traditional pubs, contrasting with the shiny fake gastro places the middle classes aspire to.

I’m working class scum, and couldn’t find the entrance.

Fake entrance

Nice sign at the front, but entrance via the car park.


The book sale in the porch is one of the most delightfully haphazard I’ve ever seen, and contains books you might actually read if you live in West Clandon. Like Jilly Cooper.

No 1975 GBG though

I loved it.

Slightly raised dining area, smallsnug for the Times reader, Old Boys comforting a dog with a thorn in his foot, otherwise a free for all.


Reminiscent of the Hare & Hounds in Sussex, with an ebullient (great word) Landlady, proper looking lunches, and beers you’ve heard of.

Looks exciting to me

Well, I expect the TEA and Shere Drop are newbies to the Brexit-debating octogenarians sticking to Youngs, but I bet they’ll be written off as “dull dishwater” on Discourse in a few years like 6X and Bass are now.

A lovely drop of Shere to finish an improving county in a great pub.


Woke Simon should avoid the Gents, though.


22 thoughts on “A SURREY THROWBACK

  1. Not sure if I ever went in that one, but the company I worked for used to have Christmas dos at the rather posh Onslow Arms opposite. Until the employees started taking the piss with the free booze, that is…

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      1. I’m with you on service stations. On our recent trip to Wales, we purposely avoided Membury services, as on the previous occasion it took us several attempts to find our way out!

        Leigh Delamere, the next one heading west, is much easier to exit.

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      2. T’other Paul,
        It’s in the hope that you’re there over two hours and they can charge you £15 for ‘parking’.

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  2. Phew…..my home county not too bashed this year 🙂

    ……think the rugby might have helped though!

    I offer you a blog title for next year…”Whose Surrey Now” 🙂


    1. “Whose Surrey Now” – buy it off you a pint of Doom Bar (or 3 Shere Drops).

      Surrey is probably fortunate in the sense that the old pubs like the George and Red Lion get enough trade but no one could afford to buy a micropub, except in Ashford.

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      1. I may be sticking my neck out here, but I get the impression that established old money is more at home with traditional pubs than the nouveau riche.

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      2. I was rather hoping you’d find a suitable form of words for what I meant, Mudgie, and as usual you have.

        A local example is the Queens Head at Newton, resisting change at appealing to the hunting crowd as much as the new villagers.

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