2nd February 2020

Lots of short posts from Walton-on-Thames (“Boo ! long posts !”) , the wonder of West London Surry. Yet another town of about 25,000, but not a disused mine in sight unless the bitcoin in mined in Hersham.


February is an odd time for #pubmen. Floods and storms with funny names can make travel hazardous (BRAPA has to go through Maidenhead), but you can pick up some real hotel bargains.

I’m writing this from the Trivelles in Stockport where I’ve just paid Ā£53 for TWO nights.

Only Ā£32 for the Walton Travelodge, AND I was able to get free WiFi through the walls leading to the adjacent Ember Inn, the first time I’ve ever been grateful for an Ember Inn.

Despite being (apparently) posh, Walton has found no way to combat the onset of darkness in winter and these photos suffer a bit from what we experts call “lack of daylight”.

Two new GBG entries, a veritable feast. First up is what we call a bistro bar.


Almost continental

The Walton Village is shiny, offers open kitchen pizza, bare brick, table tennis and fridges filled with the sort of craft cans you find in Milton Tesco.

No takers

The cask choice is rather more mundane, you’ll be pleased to know.

Yet another Robinsons beer with a daft name

My barman is incredibly cheerful, he loves his job or is just grateful they’re not playing ’80s pap or something.

One of the busier places on a quiet Sunday (think Newbury), you could be in a Pizza Express with the words “craft beer” all over the walls.


I find an armchair (!) behind a group of Italian girls, seemingly all called Gracie who are debating their sourdough choices, and think better of asking them if the Pride is drinking well.

It’s drinking OK, improving from a 2.5 to the Surrey regulation 3.

There’s a nice map showing the GBG entries from 1894, Duncan’s first year of completing the Guide.


And then I set off in search of the George and get lost reading my phone while walking, which is also mandatory in Surrey.

Still, you can never have too many Courage lanterns.



  1. Ooh, a Robinson’s beer I’ve never had. Probably not as good as Wizard, though.

    I worked in Walton for four years in the early 80s, being based in the Bird’s Eye building near the station, which has now been demolished despite having been listed.


    The Swan near to the Old Manor used to be a classic Young’s pub in their distinctive style of the time, but it sounds as though it’s been “altered” now šŸ˜¦


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