23rd January 2020

Mostly downhill from the Hare & Hounds into Sowerby (“It’s Sorby !”) shout Duncan and Quosh. So I’m proposing that Sowerby applies for a formal name change. Sir Menzies can change his name to Ming at the same time.

Rare route thru Midgley

I dropped the terrible trio off at the Blind Pig and went in search of a legal (note emphasis, Duncan) parking place. I think I ended up in Mytholmroyd.

Rare sign outside a micro

Sorby always seems absurdly popular, even on this cold Thursday night before January payday. A year or so ago I’d have said that was because it was the hipster Halifax, but with craft takeover up the A58 that hardly applies now.

The Blind Pig sounds like a micro, looks like a micro, but feels like a club with its booths, glitter ball shaped as the pig from the Pink Floyd album, and 17:00-02:00 opening.

Note the Fosters glass helpfully obscuring the homebrew.


By the time I arrived my passengers had virtually downed their apparently dirt cheap beer, leaving me to drink some very palatable dregs of School Night (NBSS 3).


It was packed, and noisy. “What’s This Song Called” identified the best of an eclectic musical mix and I sought Matt’s approval;


There you go, youthspeak 2020.

Despite the Richard Jobson trousers, the chap below isn’t Duncan dancing to the Skids.


Enjoy this lengthy video, which if released as a single would be the shortest in UK history.


  1. As an almost – no one ever is fully – adopted Son Of Halifax, I can support what you say, in that Sowerby Bridge is always absurdly busy even at unexpected times.

    It has a very high proportion of pubs and restaurants for its size, it’s compact, and easily accessible for half of Halifax (the best half). There’s parking too.

    It’s easier than going into Halifax centre for a night out.

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  2. “Job for a Cowboy” seems to be following in the “A Flock of Seagulls” and “Men without Hats” school of band naming.

    Coincidentally we’ve got a place called the Blind Pig here in Michigan (in the college town of Ann Arbor, where my son is going to school); it’s a music venue and its history apparently stretches back to the 70s.

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