A few holiday snaps from Stockport. I know how much you like my holiday snaps.


Over our 6th pint in Shifnal I’d decided that a night in Stocky was overdue and I’d join local worthies like Old Mudgie on their annual Christmas Stagger.

£29 a room, and Mrs RM could come to if she wanted to drink a gallon of Unicorn and Holt Bitter (she didn’t).


A good plan, but two heavy nights in the Lake District already had me doubting my sanity, with a night in Wales the next day.

Plane delivering craft to Heaton Chapel

AND I had that last Derbyshire tick in Whaley to do first.

One of our great views

AND this was the day I had 25 minutes before the train to Whaley Bridge, just long enough to pop in Robinson’s Brewery Centre for a pint.


All your favourites. Except Wizard, oddly.

A HALF of Old Tom. What nonsense is this ?

Not a great place to drink, but the Unicorn was as good as I’ve had, if not quite as good as the Wizard was in 2016.


By the time I was back from Whaley the prospect of a further half dozen pints seemed less appealing than a week ago, and the Stockport street markets rather more so.




Stockport looked its very best, a band played carols in the indoor market, Prosecco was served in huge quantities, I weighed up pizza in the Angel against kebabs in “Where The Light Gets In”, Stockport’s award winning takeaway.

Secret takeaway

But in the end good old curried goat won the day. Mmmm.


A quick stroll down the ‘banks, and an early night. I win. If Mudgie and co. sang carols outside my hotel room at midnight I missed it.

Shame on you, Holts

And in the morning something almost healthy at Blackshaw’s Café to line the stomach ahead of the Welsh ordeal ahead.

Admit it, you’re jealous.



  1. We openly admit to jealousy. How often is the main square busy like it shows in your photos? More of a Mudgie question really I guess. Such a great spot, but it has been fairly quiet when I have been there.

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      1. LAF, what is really nice about a crawl in Stockport is how different all the pubs are from one another. And most of them are gems. Strongly recommended.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. “A HALF of Old Tom. What nonsense is this ?”
    Indeed, and I’m expecting proper pints it of it on Thursday 16th when I won’t waste time looking in at the Bakers Vaults – and why is that no longer the George and Dragon ?

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  3. You did well to get a couple of shots of the Stockport skyline without planes.
    I’m always a bit unnerved there with all the planes just above but I expect the local residents are used to them and take no notice.

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