I plotted my big pre Christmas tour on Bing Maps last night.

Bit more than 13 hours, actually

If you look at it with a squint you can imagine it clearly resembles BRAPA taking a leak at Newark station.

From Durham I said hello to the Angel,

Image result for Angel of the North Santa Hat

and whizzed along the A69 towards the Wall. Or as Simon calls it, the English-Scottish border.

See the source image
Pic : TripSavvy
Pointless OS extract

My sole new GBG entry in western Northumberland is actually at Wall, a pretty village with a pub AND loos, and this marvellous view;


The Hadrian Hotel looks posh, the restaurant name is in Latin, the first person you see is the hotel receptionist, and it’s fairly clear it’s outside my budget.


Two turtle doves
Proper Pub

The folk are lovely. Chatty, smiley, helpful. The lady at the bar says “sorry for keeping you” as she rushes by with a vat of mulled wine she’s made herself. Is it real ale ?

Aaagh, missed the mirror

Sadly not, so just a half of Best and a chat about the weather “Bask in it while it’s here” and mulling (?).


There’s two roaring fires, one cask, one keg, so I pick the real one.

The Twice Brewed is homebrewer’s homebrew, but it’s well kept (NBSS 3) and inoffensive, just like the inoffensive Adele.

They both say “Thanks, bye” as I leave, having put about £1.75 into their coffers.

Note scary blue dot. What can it mean ?

I walked the bounds of Wall, which I now find isn’t named after Max. It’s quiet and unfussy,and a group of Hexham Hikers say a nervous “hello” as I stride purposely past them. Schnell” I say back, by way of encouragement.

1890s ale dispense

My walk gives me views over the wall, but within 30 minutes I need the loo, which I can tell Duncan is strategically located under the trees on the football pitch.

And it’s open !


As is Hadrian’s Wall, except when they take their January holiday to visit Offa’s Dyke.

7 thoughts on “OVER THE (HADRIAN’S) WALL

    1. Welcome, and many thanks for the comments Cindy (?), My dad is also keen to walk a bit of Hadrian’s Wall (he’s 84); it’s very manageable in small segments and with loads of good pubs stops !


      1. Wow, well done Dad. He should give it a go. I’d like to walk the whole route, those Roman forts look intriguing. Good pubs are always welcome 🍺 I drank more beer when walking the Portuguese Camino than I drank for the rest of my life….usually started at 10am 😂😂😂 it was hot is my excuse

        Liked by 1 person

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