More exciting micropubs in Midlands mining villages for you, and a cultural reference for the ages.

As you’ll know, Émile Zola wrote J’Accuse, and many accuse micropubs of being run purely for the benefit of middle-aged mates of the Landlord. Not this one.

Where is Dordon ?, you ask.


The Wiki page for Dordon is the dullest I’ve ever read, so let’s hope the GBG brings the thousands of beer tourists from North London and Derby it deserves.

I actually jumped off at mighty Polesworth, all the better to gradually take in the merits of Dordon, and just in case the excellent Chinese takeaway I used once was open (it wasn’t).

Sorry, no really done itjustice, have I ?

The micro, in a row of neighbourhood shops, looks the same from Maghull to Margate, from Hinckley to Hemel Hempstead.

Happy Christmas mat

But it’s open all week, and those Sunday hours are the longest I’ve ever seen for a micro.

All the classic Herne-approved micropub elements are here.

Great cheery welcome, c.£3 a pint, Chris Rea, Carling cider, mini Cheddars, lottery bingo.

Note mining ornaments at the top

Two beers from the (very) local brewery, and a strange one from Stoke I’d never heard of before. Plums in Porter ? Whatever next ?

And proper cider
Grave Diggers NBSS 3

A lovely cool half of the Grave Diggers, enjoyed at the table not reserved for a lovely bunch of ladies who were determined to drink the Miner dry of cocktails.

Good for them. It’s what Martyn Hiller would have wanted.

20 thoughts on “DORDON-ZOLA

    1. Quite interesting in its ordinariness.

      I was hoping for “the village was created in 1189 when Dordon the Megagoth threw a barrel of craft beer from Atherstone and it landed 2 miles short of Tamworth, creating a fissure in the space/time continuum.


      1. Or possibly “Every 29 February, the villagers perform the Newark Todger Dance awaiting the coming of the Lord BRAPA who will rid the land of evil craft forever.”

        Liked by 2 people

  1. A reference to ‘Emel ‘Empstead… now you’re just indulging me 🙂. When Monk’s Inn micro gets in next year having fulfilled the stipulated duration (rules is rules) – which it surely will given embarrassing duo local CAMRA committee selected to fill their allocation this term – try to time it right: Plum usually on 3 weeks out of every four so the odds are with you.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The odds are always on your side, Martin, just as odd people are always at BRAPA’s side (in every pub he goes into, seemingly).

        That Guinness pump “sculpture” seems a bit excessive in its determination to dominate the bar top. Next the marketing people will require punters to step through a gigantic Guinness harp in order to cross the threshold of any pub.


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