This is where it gets exciting, as ScotRail whizzes me to a third (3rd) Spoons in 90 minutes, which sounds like a Jason Statham movie to me.


Just before tht I stopped at Rutherglen for, er, comfort reasons, and remembered what their Spoons was good for.

Rutherglen hasn’t suddenly gone micropub/craft bar made since I was last here in 2017, but the art has improved.

Great spire
Great font
The famous Women beating Men at football incident

I was more excited about the Esquire House in Anniesland than anyone visiting a plain Wetherspoons in suburban Glasgow West End has any right to be.

Whizzing through Partick, I read on Wiki of the area’s Gaelic connections, highlighted by dual language street signs and a propensity for sugar.

The walk through residential Jordanhill to Anniesland was thrilling.

Statue Shows Pubmeister celebrating completion of Glasgow GBG
Non-pub cat speaks Gaelic, too

I’d brought one of the local CAMRA maps (1976 I think) with GBG pubs and breweries marked.  If only the maps in the Beer Guide were as clear.

Proper map


Sadly it doesn’t mark the Art Deco sites that make Anniesland a little reminiscent of Perivale on the A40.


Yeah, I’m struggling a bit to entertain you now. Let’s do the pub.

Sounds more interesting than it is

As is traditional, I’ll compare this Spoons to another one you’ll never go in.  In this case, Spennymoor (though it could be Coatbridge to be honest).


Ticking over with trade just before school brings the mums and children in for their Tennents, I sense a tough decision at the pumps….


Certainly the best range of Scottish beers I’ve seen in a while, so shall I go for Doom Bar ?

Which one should I go for ?”  I asked the excellent and enthusiastic barman.

Well, they’re all good, but I like the Joker IPA

Glad you said that”   And I was.

The Joker was a bit thin (NBSS 2.5), to be fair, but I wasn’t wasting £1.49.

Should have had the 80/ though.


Back on the train to Glasgow Central, and then a whizz out to Paisley, with the end in sight.

Future Sam Smiths


  1. I knew I was in for a treat when I saw the Prefab Sprout reference in the title.

    You’ve made me curious about this ‘Women beating Men at football incident’– I shall have to Google this and learn more. Has anyone made a movie about this? Sounds like a natural story for the big screen.

    I love that there is a beer called “Old Mortality.” Not sure how many brewery CEOs would greenlight that one over here!


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