Almost a Pixies song title.

Advice to young bloggers. If your pictures are really dull, just stick a picture of a pub cat at the top.  Works every time.

Aptly, Martin was very dull.

It’s not the Nurburgring you know
Your Martin highlight

Yes, never mind Chatteris and March, I’m out in the real Fens, even if it isn’t called that.


An hour from Metheringham station, though of course a Conservative government will be reversing all the Beeching cuts so expect an hourly service to Scopwick by 2025.  Tom will confirm times.

All your favourites

Actually the Penny Farthing is in Timberland, which I’d been reading as Timberlake since the GBG came out and preparing a blog title based on Justin’s last album, called something like “Man of the Wood(hall Spa)s“. All wasted now.

Anyhows, Timberland looks to Martin for its “entertainment“.


And the Penny Farthing serves as the pub for both villages, so just as well it’s not a gastropub or unwelcoming micro, then.

Proper Pub

You can trust pubs with ornamental snails and Halloween stuff up a week after the event.

What’s in the back of the tortoise head ?

And you can trust a pub where the bloke reading a paper at the bar is wearing a West Ham shirt from 1975. Possibly snatched off Pat (New) Holland. Terrible joke, sorry.

Blurry photo. Sorry

The gentlefolk were leaving at the end of the lunch session.  I bet the food was good, it’s often far better than the beer in rural Lincs.

Luckily (discuss), there was only one beer on. A good one.

Proper head

Lovely welcome, a beer I can only describe as, er, rich and ruby (NBSS 3+), and of course the Scissor Sisters, the punk band who hail from nearby Sleaford.

Nice pub.  Even had a copy of the local CAMRA magazine and this no doubt ancient tapestry showing 16th century micropubs.

Resist them, Lincolnshire.  Resist !



  1. You were right about heading the blog with a cat picture -I was on it right away -disappointed though that there was no amusing anecdote regarding said creature

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  2. I think you’ve misused the word “aptly” here. To use it properly, the sentence would have to read, “Aptly, Martin was humorous, informative, and consistently entertaining.” 😉

    I didn’t realize Scissor Sisters could qualify as a punk band. I became aware of them primarily by way of the single “Take Your Mama,” which I loved, but to me sounded so uncannily like a lost Elton John track from the early 70s that I imagined they’d deliberately set out with that as their goal. Have they had a string of hits in the UK?

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    1. I fear I’ve confused the Scissor Sisters with the Sleaford Mods again. Easily done.
      And yes, the Sisters were popular here for about a year. Their big hit was a Pink Floyd cover.

      Just checked. Their debut LP is the 40th best selling album of all time, ahead of But Seriously, Grease and Graceland. Wow.

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