This weekend !

I don’t mean to moan.

Goodness knows I’ve plenty to be joyful about; my youngest son even introduced me to his girlfriend in a Manchester pre-emptive tonight, and you know how much I love pre-emptives.

And it only took me two seconds to click on the news headlines just now and realise the torment some of you suffer. Even Kate.

What’s wrong with sniffing Mango Sour DIPAs, Kate ?

But the opening hours fiasco won’t go away.

Last week Duncan visited the Faeroes, only to discover prohibition won’t be repealed ’till 1992, and Simon of course has just suffered for his art in Pocklington, which is no place to suffer.

My latest anguish at least came in an attractive town with an M & S Foodstore on a route I had to do anyway.


Attractive pub, unattractive parking spot

I tipped up at 10.30, half an hour before the Maison du Biere opened,


and paid for an hour’s parking.

Half an hour to bring you some bucolic Britain,


faded Double Diamond signs,

Paul will remember the Railway

the head of Eric the frothblower,


some wonderful shop signage,


and frankly dubious pub sign.

Not woke

I checked the hours on WhatPub, just to be sure,

Maison hours
Yep, looks right

finished my falafel wrap (ugh) and followed the GBG directions to the Maison.


Nowhere near. Not for the first time. I was virtually back in Leek when I realised it was rubbish guidance. Β£5 I pay for that app.

Looks like my mood

Nightfall was closing in by the time I arrived at the Maison at 11.05, armed with a pocketful of change to buy Mrs RM a 10.5% murk.



Now, midday makes sense, but 11am makes sense as well for an off-license. Have they really changed their hours since confirming them for GBG entries in the summer ?

I couldn’t be bother to cough up another two quid for parking, and left with a sigh.

It could have been worse, it could have been the Scilly Isles.

Ooh, exciting

11 thoughts on “ANGUISH IN ASHBOURNE

  1. “What’s wrong with sniffing Mango Sour DIPAs, Kate ?”

    Believe it or not I’m steering completely clear of commenting on Kate and her smelling habits. πŸ™‚

    “and Simon of course has just suffered for his art in Pocklington,”

    Blimey. Even Streetview says it’s open right now at 1am your time! (sheesh)

    “Attractive pub, unattractive parking spot”

    Good gravy, quite agree.

    “and frankly dubious pub sign.”

    I thought Black’s Head was up the road in Wirksworth?

    “but 11am makes sense as well for an off-license. ”

    Bloody Nora. Agreed.

    ” it could have been the Scilly Isles.”

    Any way you slice it those hours for the Maison are pretty scilly as well. πŸ˜‰



  2. I remember the George and Dragon as my second nearest Home Ales pub.
    “Paul will remember the Railway” – yes, but that 1960s painted Ind Coope sign is seriously deteriorating now. A larger older ‘IND COOPE’ can just be seen above the once familiar yellow.
    As I six year old I noticed the Green Man and Blacks Head overhead sign and commented that probably only the Red, White and Blue our side of Wolverhampton had more colours in it.
    I think that that James Eadie window is unique.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Having realised that “Black cats always take longer to find homes” probably isn’t because they don’t like using estate agents I concluded that we humans must be to blame.
    So is it that contrary to the rest of the country Leek folk consider black cats to be UNlucky or is it just prejudice ?
    I’m sure that t’other Mudgie will know.


  4. Has anyone else noticed how wide the door of the Station Hotel is ?
    That’s because mobility scooters were much wider in Victorian times than they are now.

    Liked by 1 person

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