15 October 2019 will go down in history as a day to rival 23 October 2011, 31 October 1517, and of course 22 December 1964.

The day BRAPA’s Beer Guide returned from the dead.

It was lost, and it was found, thanks to Martin Brammer and Pub Curmudgeon.

We can only wonder at the euphoria Simon will shortly experience after waking up in a ditch somewhere near Kendal.

Stand down the search parties, lads.

Oddly, both Duncan and I had popped into Denby Dale to join the search on Sunday, focusing on the last place Simon remembered taking his GBG out of his manbag .

Blue dot is me, this morning

Denby Dale is posh Barnsley, as Waterbeach is posh Fens.

There were no sheep to interrogate.

So I headed for the Dunkirk.

Someone had left a wreath in memoriam to BRAPA’s loss, a nice touch.

Duncan had already questioned the staff under oath, and I hadn’t fancied asking the customers.

So I just wandered round the rooms, all set for dining, looking for books used as doorstops or toilet paper.

Can I help you?”

Oh, better have a Plum Porter then.


Anyone handed in a colourful book full of green marker?”


If only I’d known it was a few yards away, hopefully kept under 24 hour armed guard until it can be reunited with BRAPA.

Wake up Si. Rejoice.

*United 1 v City 6


  1. Actually it was found on 7 October – that’s the date of the first facebook post about it being found. Martin Brammer reposted it as he’s had no response (as far as I can see). Anyway I shall be having a celebratory drink with Si on Saturday before I go to a lager festival.


  2. Apart from the finder’s thoughtfulness I like the way he says “someone has gone to great lengths to look after this book apart from leaving it at the station” without mentioning the frenzied knife attack on the brewery section or the lamination of the Isle of Manx (auto correct did that but it sounds better so left it in). Missed you by a couple of hours.

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  3. It really was a pleasant surprise to read of Simon getting his GBG back; I wonder if Si was able to thank the guy in person, or even better, buy him a pint or two?

    All of this begs the question, do you Martin have your name and phone number written in your GBG just in case such a thing ever happens to you? I mean, the time invested in “cross ticking” one of these books makes them very hard to replace doesn’t it!


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