I have been instructed by my professional advisors that any blog about Harpenden must include an Eric Morecambe reference as he lived and drank Benskins there.

Of course the fact is his “beloved” Hatters played in a different universe county to the Harp, as it’s apparently known in Hertfordshire. You should only support a team in your home county, unless it’s City.

Hertfordshire has fallen

Dave “US” Southworth notes a fall-off in the enthusiasm of my blog as I tackle yet another micro/Tap/bottle shop.

And he’s right, even if it does take him 6 pints to get to the truth.

The heart hardly races, does it?

My 3rd Mad Squirrel and you know the form by now.

But retiredmartin it’s just what the Harp needed to lift our town out of its 3 pump mediocrity and give us a choice of 20 different beers flashing by on a colourful screen“.


Bar blocking but there’s no pumps to block

Don’t worry Mad Squirrel there’s a redemption to come.

And not just from the beer, the lone cask ale (I think, oh possibly two) served at immaculate key keg temperatures. NBSS 4.5.

No, it was that combination of wonderful beer and indie nostalgia that won me over.

Just as my pint of Holt Bitter and Florence & the Machine is doing right now in the Hare & Hounds.

Anyway, bit of Age of Consent for you. Peel loved this one.


  1. In the unlikely event of ever living in Harpenden that would be my pub of choice in an otherwise largely undistinguished town. The High Wycombe one was good too but haven’t been to this one yet.

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  2. I would be tempted to order the “Bucks Fizz?” based on the name alone, but I can’t tell if it’s meant to be a reference to the drink or the band.

    Now, I know you’re very scientific about how you award your NBSS ratings, but surely the score can be affected by the pub putting on just the right song at such the right time. Both positively and negatively, I imagine!

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