Regular readers will know that this blog appears to pick mercilessly on 4 things.

  • Simon
  • Mrs RM
  • Maidenhead
  • People who ask for tasters
  • Stafford Paul

You’ll know we only pick on the things we love (is that true? ).

And I know how much you love my attempts to get Paul to drink keg (see: Bath, Leeds, Manchester etc). Easier getting an AFC Wimbledon fan to shop at Milton Keynes IKEA.

So polite is Paul, he’ll come in a craft bar and quietly sit while we drink the evil keg.

Well, on the way to the Star & Garter we noticed this.

Craft coffee. Yum. Why had Paul kept this one quiet.

Half an hour later, after 4/6 pints, our resistance crumbled.

Candid is clearly an anagram of “did can”, the new craft drinking craze in the North Midlands.

If Paul was unhappy we weren’t drinking £2 a pint 6X in the Craft Union, he hid it well.

That seating in full

Quosh and I were like six year old in a sweet shop,

Pouring the raspberry sours

though I confess I was as in awe of the coffee line up as the keg pours.


Paul succumbed to the Cloudwater coffee, we joined the communal table, and chatted to a Landlord (?) I can only describe as a gem.

No cask, as you’ll have guessed by now, so no preemptive, but an essential stop in any Stafford crawl.

Even if it is only for a long black.


  1. I spotted some of those bowl-shaped glasses with third, half and two-thirds markings in Project 53 in Stockport recently, which is about as crafty as I ever get locally, and that only on CAMRA pub crawls.

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  2. “drinking £2 a pint 6X in the Craft Union” was what I was doing an hour ago and before that was Holden’s Mild in the Great Western on my way back from two Snecklifters in the Loggerheads and two Holden’s in Codsall Station – and those six pints were scarcely any more than two cans in certain establishments.
    The pennies need counting when you’re 64 with 1½ years to wait for a state pension.

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  3. Oi oi! Boracic lint, me ol’ mukkah?
    Nah, not bloomin’ likely. Them rusty nails are cheap out in the sticks.
    Still, I’ll do you some pukka oily rags, a pony the ton, best Bulgarian snout mind.
    Keep them Adam-and-Eves rolled up me ol’ son.
    Catch you later.

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