Sunday saw my little Aygo bravely battling gale force winds along the A259 from Eastbourne to Brighton.

I would hate for my ticking to have come to an abrupt halt in Peacehaven, never a place I’ve warmed to.

I dutifully dropped Mrs RM off in the Laines and headed for the secret free parking spot (details available to Patronised subscribers) that I always use in Brighton, which on this occasion saved me around £27.42.

The walk back down from Preston Park always delights the amateur photographer.

Not a Banksy

Mrs RM uses her overnight allowances wisely, and 2 free nights in MyBrighton isn’t to be sniffed at. Decent WiFi for a change.

While she prepared for a Monday presentation I put in the hard yards, heading to Portslade for a micro tick.

Pleasingly, the GBG sticks the Foghorn under Hove just to irritate me.

It’s 5 minutes from Portslade Station, though that’s pointless since there’s a rail replacement bus.


Sorry Boris. And other bus fans. I get bus sick.

Ooh, isn’t the Foghorn plain?

Bucket not a bidet, Si.

Inside it’s more interesting, particularly for fans of Sunday lunchtime pie and pickles.

Pleasingly cluttered
No space at the bar

I’m feeling bus-sick and only want a half of something to settle my stomach, so I reckon it’s rude to dip into the pies. Simon will though.

Leigh on Sea. Also my last remaining Essex tick

This one has that South London chatter beloved of the Sidcup micros, but with a large family group I’d say it’s more Herne Bay than Herne.

A decade of unwillingly studying micropubs allows me to make such arrogant statements.

My Leigh on Sea Cockle Stout is tasty if thin (NBSS 3), something you get with gravity dispense, and you’ll know my views on seating already. That Leigh brewery is, coincidentally, my sole remaining Essex tick so I’ll do a beer sommelier style comparison for you.

But I heard the sound of a child’s laughter, so there’s two things there the average micro rails against, and on that basis alone the Foghorn gets the 👍


  1. I love that you’ve got a secret free parking spot that you always use in Brighton. Do you know other such spots, in other towns, that you can drive straight to and take advantage of?

    I’m trying to imagine someone railing against the sound of children’s laughter. “Enough! Enough of this innocent mirthful noise, I can bear it no longer!” 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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