Hope you like my etched windows/Ashes mash-up. It took me whole seconds to see the potential for that in the Jubilee, a nostalgic return visit at the end of #Norwich19.

After the Golden Cross I had two real options;

a) Nip across to the Fat Cat and get home at midnight, having slept on the train from Norwich back to civilisation.

b) Walk aimlessly through the Norwich shopping centre and have three flat whites in Spoons.


Oddly, I did neither, as @StephenPie reminded me what a great pub the Jubilee was, tucked away up a little hill behind the station. Which doesn’t really narrow it down.

Typical Norwich

I’ve just been reminded that Norwich has 31 pubs, almost certainly more than any other town/city. For contrast Edinburgh has 25. Watford has 1.

But I’ll struggle to argue that most of those don’t deserve a Guide place.

A quickly downed Citra was an easy NBSS 4, about as generous as you’ll get from me.

An easy choice

A mixed crowd, one of whom was encouraging his mate to “Have a taster of all of them and get pissed“, clearly thinking he was in BrewDog.

If You Tolerate This, Then Your Children Will Be Next” sang the Manics. “THIS” is clearly the provision of tasters, and I stand with the Manics.


9 thoughts on “THE JUBILEE

  1. I notice you keep avoiding the Summer Lighting.
    Once a very good beer but the last one I had was warm and lifeless and that was in the Wyndham Arms in Salisbury, the original home of Hop Back.


  2. whenever anyone asks me what the point of the GBG is anymore,a pub like the Jubilee is the example that Id use to explain why its priceless,youd never find that pub or know it was there as a visitor or maybe even a long term resident of Norwich, its up a road, up a hill completely back away from the main city pubs seemingly in a completely residential only area, even knowing its there you kind of still doubt its still there as you walk up towards it, and yet on this corner is this pub that is almost a throwback to the Victorian era of pubs that it originated in, a local boozer on a street corner, with a great little beer garden, clearly well supported by the locals, who are friendly even to us Suffolk lot 🙂 and its always served good beer.

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  3. I think that “STOUTS” window shows the Steward and Patterson trademark which is to be expected in Norwich and would predate the takeover by Watneys in 1963.


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