The only thing missing from Tuesday’s dash round Greater Paisley was a chance to appreciate the many cultural attractions that Scotland has to offer.

So when Duncan offered a more leisurely trip on Wednesday to tackle tricky Ayrshire, I was determined to play the tourist card.

“What’s in Maybole, Duncan ?”


Oh, nothing, nothing. Though I did see Maybole Moths v Culzean Caterpillars in a T20 there in 2005″


Duncan duly parked up near a house with a giant frog thermometer on the wall.

Beautiful, in its way

Perhaps I was remembering Maybole from the opening lines of this Waterboys 1993 classic.
“I dreamed myself from the sultry plains
to the old green square back in old Maybole”

We saw the old green square, and some typical small town Scotland architecture.

Future Spoons
Future BrewDog
Future Chippy

Duncan enthused about Ayr’s No.1 Tunisian barber,

Pun still sought

while I admired the contents of the local windowsills.

Spot John Wayne

Like 89% of Scottish villages, Maybole plays on its links to Burns, which interested me not a jot.

We headed to the Maybole Arms, with its unique “T” sign to indicate “Tourist” pub.

Pubmeister on the pre-emptive charge

Duncan had been doubtful when I read out the WhatPub description of local cask. Ayrshire pubs are more about this,

Oooh, 60/

or this,

Oooh, macro lager

than this…

Oooh, homebrew

We shared a very decent foamy half (NBSS 3)and I had a mug of instant coffee which refused to cool down in a small local run impeccably by a chatty landlady.

Nice scummy head

Bar the Chicken Pakora, the bar menu was as trad as it gets. We resisted.


Worth a stop on your way down to Stranraer.

As Duncan wrote in his own post,
“Itโ€™s a small town that has struggled since the bottom fell out of the thriving local boot making industry. But itโ€™s far from sole-less”

He’s incorrigible, isn’t he, readers ?



  1. “Beautiful, in its way”

    Which bit’s the thermometer?

    “Future Chippy”

    Future? ๐Ÿ™‚

    “Pun still sought”

    I thought Tunisia was full of Berbers, not barbers. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    “Spot John Wayne”

    He’s the one not holding a rifle.
    (and wearing a proper hat) ๐Ÿ™‚

    “with its unique โ€œTโ€ sign to indicate โ€œTouristโ€ pub.”

    I thought that was one of those antique signs indicating ‘telephone’ inside.

    “We shared a very decent foamy half”

    Did you use straws and make eyes at each other? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    “Worth a stop on your way down to Stranraer.”

    Oooh! Been there. Cousins drove me down the coast one Saturday afternoon back in ’81. The clouds and the sea combined so well you could barely tell which was which.

    Of course, those same cousins never spoke to me again after I sent a thank you postcard from Greece a few weeks later and mistakenly mailed it to ‘England’.
    (in my defense, it was one of 20 I was sending and theirs was the only one NOT going to England)

    “Heโ€™s incorrigible, isnโ€™t he, readers ?”

    He has company. ๐Ÿ˜‰



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