Yes, I walked up there, from the Bicknoller Inn.  Hero.

Apparently I made it to the top of Thorncombe Burrow, in the bosom of the Quantocks.


Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I felt drowsy at the summit in a field of fernand dozed off 20 minutes, dreaming about GBG delivery day and missing all the other ramblers walking past me.

Actual fern

The view, as they say, is priceless.


Except of course, it isn’t quite priceless.

Massive discount for oldies there

Back down at Bicknoller I thought “What a pretty church“.  An old lady walked past me and said “What a pretty church, isn’t it ?”.  Great bants. We need more church reviews from BRAPA, I feel.

Older than me

Ah, it’s open.

The eponymous village pub

Unspoilt by gastroification, I thought.


You can trust Palmers, I always think.  Or is that Donnington ?


It was too nice to sit in, so I sat outside and enjoyed the holiday hubbub. A girl called Emily (surely ?) dragging here toy dog under the tables, a return to the car to fetch sunscreen, and admonition when Emily attempted to retrieve a dropped chip.

Not Emily, by the way

The Palmers IPA was unexpectedly superb, a smooth, rich NBSS 4. And I rarely score above 3, as you know.

I’m here

I had the homemade lamb curry as well, also a triumph, if no bargain.

Then I went on a tour of a rambling gem.

Three clues

And brought back a souvenir of Preston for Matthew Lawrenson.

Ooo, about £3.75


  1. This is my first hearing of Palmers, I think. Are they mostly a regional brewer, or are they better known than that? I checked out their website and they seem very pub-oriented– almost as if they don’t expect their beers ever to be available anywhere outside the pubs that they run.


    1. Palmer’s are an independent family brewer with a very attractive thatched brewery situated in Bridport, Dorset.

      They are well-known as producers of traditional balanced English bitter, aka BBB 😋

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      1. Their beers aren’t seen a lot outside the area, and rarely in the free trade. Bit like Arkells.

        There’s no more than a dozen pubs in the Beer Guide selling Palmers, though frankly that’s a dozen more than Arkells and nearly as many as Wadworths these days.


  2. “Steep”

    I thought that was something you did with tea?… regardless of whether you pour milk over it first.

    “in the bosom of the Quantocks.”

    I read that as the bosom of the buttocks, and couldn’t decided whether to have a lie down or ask for pictures to prove it.

    “I felt drowsy at the summit in a field of fernand dozed off 20 minutes,”

    Was fernand one of the other ramblers from Spain? 😉

    “The view, as they say, is priceless.”

    It certainly didn’t cost much.


    Entire poems and songs (and novels) have been written about such a view.

    “Except of course, it isn’t quite priceless.”

    The good Lord gave us feet for a reason.*

    “Older than me”

    But just as stone faced? 😉

    “The eponymous village pub”

    (slow golf clap – for word usage)


    And then you go and use THAT as a word!

    “A girl called Emily (surely ?) dragging here toy dog under the tables”

    All I can think of is Monty Python and Princess Mitzi from their second Fliegender Zirkus episode. 🙂

    “I’m here”

    The temp was right at freezing?

    “Three clues”

    Not a clue for me, sadly.

    “Ooo, about £3.75”

    Cheaper than the Adult Day Rover. 😉


    And with that I won’t be posting again for about a week. Taking the redeye to Toronto tomorrow (Wednesday my time) in order to accompany me mum to see her oncologist. She’s on a trial drug and fears they may stop it. Being 89 and hard of hearing she wants me there to ensure what the oncologist tells her is remembered correctly. As it’s an upcoming long weekend here I’m staying with her till Tuesday morning. With luck I’ll see my sister and her adult children.


  3. Might I inform you, that the American version of Heinz baked beans contains brown sugar, whereas the British one uses white, and the Unites States product contains a whole fourteen grams of sugar per sixteen-ounce tin, compared to only seven for the British offer. One more modern variety still contains no sugar at all, as a specific selling point.

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