In case you’re wondering how I get away with so much time away from home, I was wondering the same thing myself.

Mind, Mrs RM was simultaneously enjoying nights away in Greenwich, Brighton and Brentford, though admittedly there may be some work involved as well there.

Pub ticking IS work” says Mark Crilley, possibly.
Well, it certainly is life. No other pursuit would have taken me to Langstrothdale with a one man tent on a Sunday night.


Admit it, you’ve never heard of Langstrothdale, tucked away from the usual honeypots of the Yorkshire Dales at the top of Wharfedale.


The drovers track down from Hawes was one of the most beautiful journeys I’ve done in the UK, even better than the A141 from Chatteris to March, and obviously all I passed on the way were suspicious sheep.


Black Sheep in Hubberholme’s George, an increasingly good sign. As is the humour.


But what sort of pub do you get away from the posh hotels on the A684, when the day trippers are back in Leeds.

Tables set for Tuesday

An irreverent, timeless gem, I thought.

Low scatter cushion count

“Just a half ! Hardly worth me getting up for” said with a wink.

What is this Black Sheep in a Theakston glass nonsense

The Bitter was superb, NBSS 3.5 easy, but the banter with visitors and a few Old Boys alike made it special. Shame I can’t remember any of it, but there you go.

Scene depicting the events at Newark Northgate in August 2019

Outside loos too, though I had to seek guidance from the lady smoking outside which one to use. What’s wrong with “Blokes” and “Sheilas”.


On to my bed for the night and my last two ticks for North Yorkshire.


  1. Your “Tups” dilemma reminded me of one of my favorite BRAPA lines. “I thought the toilets were marked “Newmarket” and “Cambridge” and spent 5 minutes trying to guess which was the more masculine place, before I realised they were just random signs.”

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    1. I assume Ed managed to get your name for his memory bank? He could take any beer and make it worth drinking. One lunchtime he pulled through a pint of Tetley and made me taste it carefully because it could go off in the pipes in half an hour. He was ready with the next glass. Top bloke.


  2. “you’ve never heard of Langstrothdale” – indeed, but a name derived from an anagram of Tangled Harlots is likely to be one of Yorkshire’s best kept secrets.

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